Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes

Eyeliner is something many makeup lovers enjoy using. It defines the lash line, adds intensity and can change or enhance your eye shape. There are plenty of ways you can apply eyeliner, depending on your makeup look, natural eye shape, and texture of the liner. Probably one of the hardest to do is the eyeliner for downturned eyes. With our tips and some practice, eyeliner can become your everyday makeup essential.

Eyeliner for downturned eyes

How Do Downturned Eyes Look Like?

It is not that hard to capture those with downturned eye shape. The main difference that separates them from any other eye shape is the outer corners. They are slightly lower than the inner corners and the bottom lash line tends to drop a bit more on the outer part.

Downturned eyes

There are different ways downturned eyes can be. Sometimes they are also hooded, or sometimes with a lot of lid space. It is normal to develop downturned eyes when aging. The skin is not as elastic as when a person is young, so it starts to drop in certain areas and eyes are one of those.

How Can You Lift Downturned Eyes?

Although some people use the services of surgeons to lift their eyes, the main and the easiest way you can lift the outer corners of downturned eyes is by using makeup. You can use either eyeshadow, eyeliner or just simple mascara to make some difference. The goal is to create an appearance of the higher outer corner.

Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes

To really define the lashes and give your eyes a beautiful lift, use an eyeliner. You can start with creamy pencil eyeliner, that you can later smoke out with an angled eyeliner brush for a softer look. It is also good for beginners because it is quite easy to use and doesn’t require much accuracy since it is going to be blended out.

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You can also use a gel, pen or liquid eyeliner. These can provide you a very clean and sharp look. Very comfortable for creating cat-eyes. The only down part is that it does require more practice since you have to have a steady hand for the application.

Eyeliner for downturned eyes has to be quite thin and can get a little bit thicker towards the outer corner. Actually, you can even start the liner only from the middle of the eye.

For the most lifting effect extend the liner in the outer corners. Your guide should be the outer corner of your eye and the end of your eyebrow. Draw a thin cat-eye starting right at the outer corner and extend towards the end of the brow.

Eyeliner for downturned eyes

Your goal is to really extend the liner upwards. If the cat-eye will drop even a little bit, it can ‘drop down’ your eyes even more, so be very careful and accurate.

Eyeshadow For Downturned Eyes

The goal with eyeshadow is the same – LIFT. So you can use the same method as with the eyeliner, just use eyeshadow instead. It will give a more natural look. You can also apply some more chosen color with a blending brush above the crease and outer V of the eye, to really create that lift.

Eyeshadow for downturned eyes

Eyelashes For Downturned Eyes

False eyelashes can help to really change your eye shape. Always choose lashes which have a thicker, longer and more curled outer corner. These will finish off any eye makeup look with an extra lifting effect.
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For a more natural look, use individual false eyelashes. They let you have full control of where you want your lashes to be. You should concentrate more individual lashes on the outer corner of the eye.

Using only mascara? Try to avoid applying too much on the bottom lashes, because it can drag your eyes down. Better curl your top lashes and really get that outer corner lifted up.

Downturned Eye’s Bottom Lashline

Applying anything on the bottom lash line of the downturned eyes can be risky. It is very easy to drag your eyes even more down and ruin all the work that was done on the top lid. Try to not over-do the bottom lash line and only add a faint amount of color. Don’t forget to blend it along the whole bottom lash line. Leaving it only in the outer corner will accentuate its lower level.

Leaving the lower lash line without any makeup is actually the most lifting. It doesn’t enhance the droopy outer corners and lets the top eyelid makeup do its visual job.


Downturned eyes can be challenging for eyeliner wearers. But it is possible to master the application method and figure out your perfect eyeliner shape. Just practice, experiment and be accurate. It will all be worth it when you will finally master your way of applying eyeliner on those downturned eyes.

Good luck!

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