Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes

We all know how important it is to appropriately frame the eyes, a good eyeliner technique will have you looking like the powerful Cleopatra! And almond-shaped eyes babes in the world know they have a big advantage in that area for one simple reason: eyeliner and almond eyes are the perfect match.

Almond eyes are one of the most beautiful, attractive, and unusual shapes of eyes. There’s a reason professional make-up artists love to make up almond eyes. Why? What are the best eyeliner styles for this eye shape? What do you have to do to frame them properly? Here at Makeup Artist Pro, we will answer this and more, so you can look amazing all the time.

How can You Tell if You Have Almond Eyes?

Almond eyes

If you still don’t know if you have almond eyes, keep in mind that this eye shape has the teardrop and the outer corner at the same height. The imaginary line is straight, so its symmetry is perfect. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, and Demi Moore have this eye shape.

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Prepare Your Skin

This is one of the most important steps in making great makeup. Which is why you should do it before you start applying eyeliner. Wash your face preferably with special face soap or micellar water. Remove any makeup residue and impurities, then make sure your face is dry. Furthermore, remember to moisturize your face and especially the skin of your eyelids with an eye contour before starting with the eyeliner.

What Eyeliner Styles can You Work With?

Woman using eyeliner

Thanks to the harmony of the almond-shaped eyes, you can practically say that any type of eyeliner is perfect for them. So the real question you want to ask yourself is, what effect do I want to convey? A penetrating or aggressive look? A sweet look? Or maybe a dramatic look?
You can achieve any of these looks by simply applying eyeliner to your eyes. Here are a few eyeliner styles to get you started:

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Classic Eyeliner

Almond’s eyes are so perfect that classic eyeliner alone makes them look perfect. This simple style is the favorite of many and is the basis for making other designs. It consists of marking the line of the upper border of the eyelid, from end to end with the eyeliner. The most appropriate colors for this eyeliner are black and brown tones since they highlight the eyelashes and the border of the eyes.

Cat Eyes with Eyeliner

It is one of the most popular. Its effect is very striking and versatile since you can pair it with any eye makeup trend. To do so, you must start with a thin line from the lacrimal area and progressively increase the thickness of the line when you reach approximately half of the eye. You have to finish it in a wing facing upward at the other end of the eye. A good trick to facilitate this delineation is to use a piece of cellophane paper as a guide and get an even finish on both eyes.

Double Eyeliner

To do this, you can draw a line with the thickness of your choice on the edge of the upper eyelid and another on the edge of the lower eyelid. While extending the lines at the end of the eye, do not join them. The idea is that at the end of the eye you can see the two tails of the lines, without joining them. This is a very flashy style for those who are not afraid of anything.

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Egyptian Eyeliner

Egypt, the capital of eye makeup. This eyeliner style gives you a powerful and stunning look. If you want to make your eyes bigger, this model is the one for you. To do this, you must mark both edges of your eyelids with a thick line and join them at both the outer and teardrop ends to form an elongated wing.

To Start Eyelining 

Before applying eyeliner to your almond eyes, you must determine the tool with which you will do it. You can find eyeliners in the following presentations:

  • Pencil: it has to be soft and waterproof to prevent it from spreading. Whenever you use it, you should blur the line so that there is harmony with the eye shadow, in case you are wearing one.
Pencil Eyeliner
  • Liquid: perfect if you have a good pulse and want to highlight your eyes with much more expressiveness. It is important that you apply the right amount, not too thick lines, otherwise you will get a rough result.
  • In cream: Its texture is similar to pencil eyeliner with the difference that it is applied with a fine brush, so the line is more defined and allows you more options for delineation.
Cream Eyeliner for almond eyes
  • In powder or with dark shadows: it is to apply powders of intense colors on the edge of the eyelid with a brush. It is ideal for daytime make-up.

Once you have chosen the eyeliner presentation you will use, you can choose the color you will use. The color must be determined according to your skin tone, hair and eyes, it does not have to be black all the time. If you have blue or green almond eyes, try an eyeliner of those same colors. You will be surprised by the result.

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Tips on How to Line Your Almond-Shaped Eyes

Always start with the lightest shadows in your palette, so that you illuminate and create volume in your eyelids.

  • If you don’t have a good pulse, place your elbows on a table to make it easier for you to draw the line. Apply the eyeliner before the mascara and close the border of the eyelid.
  • If you want to make a “wing”, line up your eyes to the outer edge and extend the line with a swab or with your finger.
  • In case you make a mistake, erase the line by smearing a swab with eye make-up remover, either in cream or liquid, or micellar water.
  • If you don’t want your eyes to look smaller, don’t line your lower eyelid with dark colors. Use white eyeliner for the lower eyelid, this will make your eyes look more open.
  • After applying eyeliner, highlight your lashes by applying mascara to intensify the effect.
  • For the day, use soft color eyeliner and only on the upper eyelid. At night, you can intensify the colors and also outline the lower eyelid.

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There is no doubt that delineating the almond eyes gives a sophisticated appearance. No wonder professional make-up artists love to apply makeup to this eye shape. But to master this art, remember to be patient, we are not perfect so when you make a mistake, don’t get frustrated and keep practicing. This way you will manage to look fantastic.

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