Why You Should Wear Eyeliner?

It doesn’t matter, if it is a slightly visible line along the lash line, or if it’s intensive cat-eye – eyeliner always brings some attention. Maybe you should at least try and see why you should wear eyeliner?

There are a lot of different types of ways you can apply eyeliner. It can be suitable for daytime, work and also amp your eyes up in the evening. Eyeliner makes the eyes appear bigger and can modify or change your eye shape completely.

Define Your Lashline

Defining the lashline

If you want to enhance your eyes a bit and add some definition to the lash line, use gel, pen or liquid eyeliner to draw a very thin line along your lashes. It can make Your everyday look just a little bit more intense. 

To lift the eye corners up, keep the line thicker in the outer corners and thinner the more it gets to the inner corner.

Make Your Lashes Look Thicker

defining the lashline

Take a creamy pencil eyeliner, apply a thin line along the lashline. Use a dense eyeshadow brush and blend it out a bit to create a smokey effect. It instantly makes the lashes look thicker and more black. 

If this way of applying eyeliner is too much for you, just use the creamy eye pencil on your tightline. It will also thicken the lashline, but gonna look less intense. 

For even more eye definition you can add the same pencil eyeliner to the waterline. 

Lift And Elongate The Eyes

To make your outer eye corners look higher, it is best to make a cat-eye. Choose the length and the thickness yourself, it really depends on your lid space, and start applying the liquid eyeliner.

Cat eyes

If you are a beginner, maybe use a pen or gel eyeliner. Match the beginning of the wing with the outer corner of your eye and start drawing it little by little. 

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For even more lifting effect – start lifting the wing up just a bit before the end of your eye corner.

If you want your eyes to be closer to each other or just want to elongate them, continue drawing the cat-eye right into the inner corner and extend it a bit there. This not only changes the shape of your eyes but also makes them look a lot bigger.

Hope this article showed you, why you should wear eyeliner. It can really be a game-changer in your makeup routine!

Good luck!

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