Which Is Better: Threading Or Waxing

These days overly thin eyebrows are out of style. Natural shape and hair of the brow are taking over. The eyebrow looks, that were in style before, now are being seen a lot less and looking at the photos from the year 2000 makes many of us think – WHY? Well, at least today we have many different options on how to maintain the eyebrows and their shape. Let’s leave the plucking process and talk about threading and waxing. the first difficulty you might face is choosing between the two. The question arises – which is better: threading or waxing?

The Difference Between Threading And Waxing

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique. It was first discovered in Asia. The client’s skin should be prepared for the procedure: the skin is being sanitized. Also, there is a discussion with the client, consulting the wanted shape and thickness of the brows.

Eyebrow look

The client’s eyes should be closed. Skin is being held taught for support and tight surface. The professional then take a piece of thread that is specially coated with anti-bacterial wax. The thread is being twisted in the hands and creates a mini-lasso. This is supposed to remove the hairs directly from the follicles. It is possible, that the hairs will be trimmed in the salon because it helps to neaten the brows and define the shape.

When it comes to waxing, there is not so much to explain. It works almost the same way as the regular body waxing process. The wax is being warmed up and then a thin layer of it is being applied to the unwanted hairs with a wooden spatula. The wax area is then being covered with a paper strip. In order for the hairs to stick to the paper really well, some gentle pressure should be applied. After all of this is done, the paper is being swiftly pulled away, taking all the hairs out directly from the root. 

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Eyebrow Threading: Pros And Cons

If you have sensitive skin, the threading technique might be more suitable for you. It does not require any heat, chemicals or other irritating products. It is also gentler. Basically, you should not have an adverse reaction.

The cons of threading are mainly two: it is a lot of times very painful (depends on every individual) and can leave the skin looking very red.

Eyebrow Waxing: Pros And Cons

The main pros of waxing are that it’s instant, widely available and shows good results. Usually, individuals, who find threading and tweezing quite painful, turn to wax. The reason is – the hair removal is fast, causing a lot less time of pain. A lot of times by using waxing regularly, the hairs grow back finer and softer.

When talking about cons, the expert of waxing should be very experienced. The reason behind it is that waxing is less accurate than threading. Also, if you are using Retinol or undergoing some chemical peels, waxing is not suitable for you. The same applies to individuals with extremely sensitive skin.

Which Gives A Better Shape?

eyebrow threading

The main goal for most of the individuals is the look of the brows. Threading is a bit better for aesthetics. It shapes the brows especially well, almost perfect. The reason for that is because you can modify the arch by each individual hair.

However, some eyebrow specialists say, that in today’s world, the wax is just as capable of the same contoured shape, given the amount of control you have over the product. Basically, it all depends on the professional you are choosing. So, make sure to do a good research of their work and client reviews.

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Pain, Allergies, Lasting Time

When it comes to pain, a lot of individuals find threading more painful. Probably because it takes longer to do. Waxing, just like mentioned before, is instant. Threading does provide precise results, so people are prepared to go through the pain.

eyebrow waxing

Talking about the allergies, although it is quite uncommon but sensitive skin can react to waxing. As always, an allergy test should be done 24 hours before if it’s your first time waxing.

Spots are quite common for some individuals, who get their eyebrows threaded. In order for that not to happen, good hygiene must be practiced by the professional. Skin sanitizing, using clean string each time and etc.

When considering the lasting time of the results, both ways last for the same amount time if done well. Since both, waxing and threading, remove the hairs from the follicles, it lasts 4 to 6 weeks on average. Of course, it depends on the individual.

How To Prepare The Eyebrows Before Waxing Or Threading

  • Try to stay away from direct sunlight or using sunbeds the day before and after the waxing or threading appointment. Skin can become more sensitive to UV exposure.
  • Fluctuations in hormones during your period can increase sensitivity. You may find the procedures more painful than usual.
  • Practice good hygiene. It is especially important before and after because it helps to avoid skin pimples after the procedure.
  • Before the waxing visit, avoid using products that contain AHA’s as this can make the skin more fragile.
  • Do not apply makeup to the area directly after the procedure. The follicles in that area are open, so it can easily lead to pimples.
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To sum up, threading is good for anyone that has recently had skin peels or is on medication that would prevent them from having waxing. Also, it is great for clients with sensitive skin. Waxing is the best for super thick brows and for clients that find brow shaping extra painful. It shows quick results and is a good option for those that do not like the threading or plucking. In the end, it is your choice and you can also try both! Choosing between the two is really about your personal preference.

Good luck!

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