The Beginning Makeup Artist Essentials

Many newly made makeup artists are wondering, what are the beginning makeup artist essentials. Well, it is wrong to think that you have to have hundreds of tones of makeup in order to start.

The collection will full-fill within your working time and experience when you will get to know what you like to use on the clients the most. Usually, the kits are an amazing option to start off with, because they have a variety of color and texture choices.

Good Quality Makeup Brushes

Essential brushes kit

For the very beginning, one of the main things to have is good makeup brushes. If you have not much makeup work in this time, it is okay to have brushes, that can complete one person’s makeup. Then until the next client, you can wash them and use again.

If you have few clients per day, it is the best to have more brushes, so that there would be no chance of using, for example, the same already used foundation brush on the other client (!). Never do that!

Get An Eye Shadow Palette

Makeup artist eye shadow palette

One of the beginning makeup artist essentials is a good quality eye shadow palette. For the beginning, one palette is enough. Make sure it has all the necessary shades – matte browns, black, gold, champagne, white and etc. Basically, the most usable colors. It is also useful to have some bright shades if one of your clients would want something more creative.

Variety Of The Face Products

foundation colors

Do not forget to get some good variety of foundations, concealers, and powders. You should have them in at least 4 different shades. Although do not go too crazy and buy plenty of shades in the beginning – you can mix the shades you already have, to create the desired color. 

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Have different foundations, that can give a matte, satin, or glowy finish. This way you will have a variety of foundations, that can be suitable for any client. A good trick is to buy a translucent powder because it works for all skin tones.

Invest in a good contouring palette, with some variety of shades in it and buy few different highlighters and blusher shades, or even bronzer.

Do not forget that you can also use eye shadows as blush, highlight or contour color.

Other Necessary Products

Eyebrow brushing

Disposable mascara wands should be included in your kit so that you would not have to use mascara wand itself on different clients. You can also use them to brush the eyebrows in place. Also, do not forget the products for eyebrows. The best choice is the eyebrow kit with some variety of shades you can use.

Last but not least – lip products. Some different red and nude shades for lip pencil should be enough. Have a variety of lipsticks for cold and warm skin tones. Few lip glosses should also be enough for the beginning. To make it easier, you can instead also get a kit of the lip products.

All in all, it is okay to have limited choice in the beginning. Your makeup collection will become wider after some time, just do not stress about it! 

Good luck!

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