Smokey Eyes For Different Eye Colors

We all know the classic black smokey eye. It looks intense, mysterious and sexy. But there are days when we want something different. Something less dark, or just more suitable for the individual eye color. These are the different eye shadow shades, which will let you create smokey eyes for different eye colors:

Brown Eyes

smokey eyes for brown eyes

Since brown eyes are usually quite dark, you can use also very dark brown or black shades. It is quite classical, but never out of style. If you want the eye color to really pop with your smokey eye, use dark matte blue, turquoise or even emerald green. They will definitely make your eyes stand out. The contrast between different blue shades and brown eye color enhances each of the tones.

Blue Eyes

Smokey eyes for blue eyes

Anything classic like matte grey, brown or black will look great for a smokey look with blue eyes, but for something more different and eye-catching, try matte reddish-brown shade, dark peach or even orange! These shades will make that blue look just as bright as the lagoon seashore.

Orange tones have a lot of warmth in them and they create contrast for cool-toned blue shades. Blue eyes can also be enhanced with different pink or purple colored smokey eyes. It will have a bit less contrast with blue than orange, but will still do amazing work.

Green Eyes

Smokey eyes for green eyes

Any dark violet or purple shade compliments green eyes like no color ever! Smokey eyes with any of these can do wonders for green eyes. Of course, classic brown, black or even grey smokey eyes look just as great, but the magenta type of colors will intensify the green in your eyes as you have never seen before.

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It’s not a mistake to also try using more warm, dark golden shades. They might create less contrast, but still develop nice green eye enhancement.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eye color

Hazel eyes are special. They basically are a mix of different colors. For example, part of our eye color is brown and the other part can be green, or even blue. You should choose the smokey eye colors depending on which color really dominates in your eyes or which color you want to enhance. If you wish to make the contrast with the green shade in your eyes, look at the ‘green eyes’ color paragraph. If you want to enhance the brown shades in your eyes, look at ‘brown eyes’ paragraph.

Grey eyes

Grey eyes

Grey colored eyes are very versatile. It suits almost any smokey eye. The best choice besides the classic browns and blacks is to use anything from orange-red colors to purple and violet shades.

Grey eyes usually reflect different shade, depending on the lighting. You can also do this trick with colors. Orange and peach colors tent to bring out the blue in the grey eyes. Purple and violet shades usually bring out the green shade in the grey eyes. In general, any shades of smokey eyes usually enhances the lightness of the grey eye color.


Hope this was helpful, now it is time to try it out! Always remember, there are no strict rules in colors, so feel free to experiment with Your smokey eye makeup. Good luck! 

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