Smokey Eyes For Asian Eyes – Makeup Ideas

Smokey eyes are the best friend of Asian eyes. It accentuates and enhances them in the most organic way possible. When doing the smokey eyes right, Asian eyes can really open up and show its almond shape. So, smokey eyes for Asian eyes. Makeup ideas!

Runway Model Classic Smokey Eye

runway model classic smokey eye

To achieve this eye look you will need:

  • Eye makeup base
  • Matte brown shadow
  • Matte grey shadow
  • Black pencil eyeliner (can be dark brown)

The focal point of this look is the shadows. No mascara, no false eyelashes! Start off with eye makeup primer and cover your eyelid area as well as under the lash line. Set it with some powder.

For this look, you will mostly need the fluffy blending brush. Take some matte brown shadow on it and start working the color above the crease to create the transition shadow. Extend it outwards. You can use the same or smaller brush to apply the same shade under the lash line.

Use a packing brush to apply the matte grey shade onto the outer and inner corner of the eyelid. Blend with the same blending brush.

Use a small brush to apply the grey shadow along the lower lash line, blending it with the brown that is already applied.

To finish the eye look off, apply some black pencil eyeliner to the lower lash line very lightly. Try to work it into the lashes. Repeat the same process to the top lashes. The eye look is complete!

Lightly apply some foundation, set it with powder for a matte finish and add some bronzer. To follow the look in the picture, avoid lip colors and keep the lips bare.

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Gold And Brown Smokey Eyes

Gold and brown smokey look

To recreate this look you will need:

  • Eyeshadow base
  • Shimmery gold shadow
  • Matte cool-tone brown shadow
  • Black pencil eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • False lashes (can be individual false lashes)

This look is perfect for evening makeup and works well when elongating the eyes. Begin with applying an eyeshadow base on the top lid and under the lower lashes. Set it with some powder.

Use a fluffy blending brush to apply the matte brown shadow above the crease, concentrating the color in the outer corner and above it. Put the same shadow on the outer part of the lower lash line and lightly blend it inwards.

Use the gold shade on a packing brush and apply it in the inner two-thirds of the eye. Use the shadow wet for a better color pay-off.

Add black pencil eyeliner to the waterline and tightline for a deeper eye look. Push the same eyeliner into the top lash line. Concentrate it more in the outer corner and blend with a small eyeliner brush.

Now add mascara on top and bottom lashes and put on some falsies. Eyes are done!

Apply your foundation and powder as usual. Use peach color blush and lip color (lip gloss) like in the picture to complete the face makeup.

Brown Smokey Eyes

Brown smokey eyes

For this sexy eye look you will need:

  • Eye makeup primer
  • Matte cool-tone brown shadow
  • Matte red-tone brown shadow
  • Black pencil eyeliner
  • Mascara

And again, another look that doesn’t require false eyelashes! Begin with neutralizing and preparing the eyes with an eye makeup primer. Set it with powder.

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Use a fluffy blending brush to add some transition color to the crease. Use a red-tone matte brown for that. Try to apply it lightly and blend it really well.

Add a cool-tone brown shade to your eyelid, blend it together with the crease shade. The goal of this look is blending and making it seamless.

With a smaller brush apply the red-tone brown to the lower lash line. Blend it very well. Add black eye pencil to the waterline and complete the eyes with mascara!

For the face makeup, we recommend using a natural-looking foundation routine to get that glowy face. Then add some brown-toned red lipstick with a glossy finish to complete the look like in the picture. Good luck!

Intense Bronze Smokey Eye

Intense bronze makeup

To get this eye look you will need:

  • Silver color shadow
  • Eye makeup primer
  • Silver color eyeliner
  • Matte orange shadow
  • Matte cool-tone brown
  • Shimmery orange shadow
  • Mascara
  • Dramatic false eyelashes

Apply the eye makeup base to the eyes and set it with some powder. Use the matte orange shade and with a fluffy blending brush apply it into the crease, above it and in the outer corner. Drag the same shade with a smaller brush along the lash line.

Use the matte brown shade on the same blending brush and work this color in the outer and inner one-third of the eyes. Connect it above the crease and also apply it along the lower lash line, blending it together with the orange.

Put the shimmery orange shadow onto the center of the eye. Try to use it wet for better color intensity. Add a silver eyeliner along the top lash line.

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Use a packing brush to apply the silver shadow into the inner corner of the eye and brow bone area. Put on some mascara and bold lashes to complete the eyes.

For the face makeup, along with your foundation routine, use some more highlighter, peach blush, and apply a matte peach lip color like in the picture.

Some more makeup ideas:

asian smokey eyes
asian supermodel smokey eyes

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Article: Smokey eyes for Asian eyes. Makeup ideas.

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