Semi-Permanent Eyelashes. Everything You Need To Know.

Isn’t it a dream to wake up every morning with beautiful and long eyelashes? Well, it can be not only a dream. These days, you can forget about the false eyelashes and get the semi-permanent lashes done. You’ll be able to rock the sexy eye look for up to a month. Dive with me into the world of semi-permanent eyelashes. Everything you need to know.

What Is Semi-Permanent Eyelashes?

These are types of lashes that stay on your lash hair for up to 2-5 weeks. It is most common to call them eyelashes extensions. These are individual lashes that are glued using specific glue on your natural eyelashes, one by one. They can have a different curl, thickness, length.

You can get them done using different techniques to achieve the desired final look. The classical way is when the technician glues one false eyelash on one natural lash. They can also do it using volume technique – 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and etc. This way, one false eyelash is glued on a natural lash, but it has 2 or more false hairs coming out of it.

Eyelash extension guide

Note that every false lash holds onto your own natural eyelash. In this case, just like our lashes naturally fall out and grow a new one, false ones will fall off with it the old one too. You should get a refill every 2-5 weeks. It all depends on your natural eyelash’s strength, growing speed, and how well you’ll take care of the semi-permanent lashes.

How To Take Care Of The Semi-Permanent Eyelashes?

There are quite a few key points to keep your semi-permanent lashes looking fresh for a longer time period.

  • Avoid using a lot of makeup products on your top eyelids. The actual application is not harmful if you do it carefully. The roughest part is the removal of the makeup. It can damage your semi-permanent eyelashes. Try being very gentle when removing any eye makeup.
  • Make sure you avoid getting water on your lashes. It is especially important for the first 48 hours after the procedure. The water interrupts the adhesive, and it is more likely to come off the eyelash. Also, salty seawater is something you want to avoid even more. Always make sure you wash the salty water off your lashes.
  • Try to avoid oils or oil-based products around the eye area. Oils disturb the eyelash glue and they tend to fall off faster.
  • Never rub your eyes. Rubbing them not only will cause you wrinkles but also will pull out the semi-permanent eyelashes very fast. The rubbing gets the lashes tangled and increases their falling out rate.
  • Avoid sleeping on your belly. Once you sleep facing the pillow, eyelashes tend to rub into it and cause fall out. Many women have less semi-permanent eyelashes left on that side of the face on which they sleep. It is because when sleeping, we don’t feel how we rub the face into the pillow.
  • Make sure you brush the eyelashes only when it’s needed. If you do it too often, it irritates the lashes and pulls them. This can also cause premature fallout.
  • It is time to avoid using mascara. Yes, there are some mascaras that are made for semi-permanent eyelashes, but it is still better if you avoid them. Mascara adds extra weight to the lashes, stuck them together, and requires a complicated removal process. This will only leave your lash extensions damaged.
  • Don’t use cotton to remove eye makeup. Semi-permanent eyelashes collect cotton material. It is also very hard to remove.
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Semi-permanent eyelashes

Do You Have Allergies?

If your eyes are sensitive, I suggest that you discuss this with your eyelash technician. You can have an allergy to the glue, so feel free to ask the name of the lash glue the technician is going to be using before your visit and do some research. Note that if you’re not sure, what ingredients can cause an allergic reaction for you, this will not help.

Find A Trustable Eyelashes Technician

Note that when choosing your semi-permanent eyelashes technician, you should do good research. It is very important to go to a professional eyelash artist. Not qualified one can do irreversible damage to your natural lashes. Look for some real reviews, photos of the real artist’s work, not just the internet images. A good technician will always recommend you suitable thickness, length, and curl of the eyelashes.

Semi-permanent eyelashes

How Much It Costs?

Choose the price that is affordable to you, but don’t seek for the cheapest solution. It is not always the best. Remember to look for positive reviews of the eyelash technician and the photos of their work. If the quality of the professional’s work seems to be worth it, be willing to pay a bit more or travel some longer distance. This can save your natural eyelashes from being damaged.

Semi-permanent eyelashes cost differently, depending on the location, technician skills, chosen lashes style and etc. Note that usually the more dramatic and intense look you wish to get, the more expensive it will be. Make sure you clarify the price prior to your visit.

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Good luck!

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