How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

You had that beautiful long lashes look for quite some time now and you feel that it is time to say goodbye. But how to remove eyelash extensions now?

Do It Professionally

Removing eyelash extensions

Well, removing eyelash extensions can be hard, if you want to do it yourself. It is actually not recommended. If you want to remove quite a big amount of eyelash extensions, that is still left on the eyes, get yourself an appointment at the professional. They have the needed products and equipment to do it. Also, they have the knowledge, which can save the state of your lashes after the removal.

They will do it in a less harmful way, with suitable products. Of course, those products are not very good for the lashes also, but they will take the eyelashes off immediately.

Home Remedies

Removing eyelash extensions at home

Now, if you only have a small amount of eyelash extensions left, try to use oil on a clean mascara wand and brush through your lashes gently, until those few left are gone. It usually helps for most of the people.

Sometimes you want to keep the eyelashes, but there are few very grown out ones, that go in the wrong direction. Then you can simply cut them off at the base of your natural lash. It is not a very good option but can fix a lot in the way your eyelashes look and feel.

All in all, removing eyelash extensions can be painful if you do it in the wrong way. For that reason, always try to speak with a professional first.

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Good luck!

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