Purple Smokey Eye Makeup, the complete guide

The Smokey Eyes is an eye makeup technique that can be as dramatic or subtle as you like. It is highly recognized and accepted in the makeup world. Among the advantages that this style of eye makeup offers, is the variety of colors in which we can use them, and one of the favorites ones is the Purple Smokey Eyes.

Image from Jasmijn Sluis Instagram

Purple goes fine with every eye color! Besides, splashing your eyes with color will make you a trend-setter. Here at Makeup Artist Pro, we will tell you everything you need and how you can make the Purple Smokey Eyes you want so much.

Smokey Eyes

This is a style of makeup that focuses on the eyes, is used to accentuate and define the look, enlarging, and beautifying the eyes. It is a makeup technique that has a certain degree of complexity. However, the secret to achieving this look is in combining and blending the colors well.

To do this makeup you will need several items. But, you can help yourself with one or several color palettes you want to use, illuminating base, eyeliner, and mascara. In the case of purple smokey eyes, you can use a palette of purple shades and you can combine them with pink, blue or metallic shades. Our icon for this look is the spectacular Mila Kunis. 

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Mila Kunis with purple smokey eyes, image from ImageBam.com

How to do the Purple Smokey Eyes?

If you are going to do purple smokey eyes or any kind of smokey eyes we recommend that you do it with your face clean, working your eyes first and then the rest of your face. If you are doing it with the rest of your face already contoured, place the translucent powder on the bottom of your eyes, so that it does not damage your base. Now without further ado, the step by step:

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Purple smokey eye makeup, image from LadyStyle.org

1. Apply pre-base on your eyelid and around your eyes

This step will help brighten the colors of the eyeshadows on your eyelid. Besides, it will correct any irregular pigmentation and cover small veins on the skin of your eyelid. You can also use under-eye concealer if you don’t have pre-base.

Make sure you apply it on the upper and lower eyelids and that it has a homogeneous finish, without any folds or residues that could spoil the final finish of your makeup.

2. Seal the foundation 

Use translucent powder or an eye shadow of your skin color. Doing so will help your eye makeup last longer. 

3. Purple and pink color scheme

Before you start applying the shadows use some tape and place it in the corner of your eyes. If you do, you’ll have a fairly symmetrical look. Of course, if you have a wonderful sense of symmetry leave the tape alone.  

Then, choose a not-so-dark purple eyeshadow and apply it from the corner where you have the tape, towards the crease, to where your eyebrow begins. Apply it also at the beginning of your upper lashes, but do not apply it in the center of your eyelid.

Apply the color in a circular motion and don’t let it go past the corner where your eyebrow ends. Then use a more dramatic or intense shadow color, it can be pink or purple, and apply it in the same areas as the previous eyeshadow.

4. Adds depth to the colors

Use a smaller brush and choose a deeper shade of purple that balances properly with the previous colors and apply it in the same places where you applied the shadows. This way you will give depth to the color you had previously applied. 

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Then choose a slightly darker purple and apply it heavily to the outer corner of your eye and a little over your crease. Then take a brush and blend the colors. It should be a nice gradient.

5. Black Eyeshadow

You can’t miss it if you’re doing a Smokey Eyes. With a small brush take the black shadow of your choice and apply it with intensity in the outer corner. With less product, darken the lower part of the crease a little, maybe even a quarter of the way inside where your eyebrow begins.

6. Add a bit of glitter!

With a flat brush that deposits a lot of product, choose a metallic shade or a little purple or pink glitter. Apply it at the base of the eyelid where you had no color, that is, in the central area of your mobile eyelid. Take it as close as possible your crease, this will give you the effect of a wider eye. 

If you find it necessary, highlight the base shadows on the inside of your eye. Then take another small brush and blur the colors again, you should see a very light transition between all the shades. Remember, good blending is an essential step in making your Smokey Eyes look good.

7. Work your lower eyelid

After preparing your whole face you have to finish your eye makeup. To do this, take the dramatic shade you used in step 4 and apply it under your eyelashes. Then add depth, using the same shadow colors as before. 

Place black shadow as close as possible to the lower lashes, allowing the three colors to be perceived, and then blend them well. You must achieve the same gradient that you have on the upper eyelid. If you wish, apply a light or silver color to your teardrop with a fine brush, to finish the use of the shadows.

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8. Apply eyeliner

With black Eyeliner, you can outline the upper and lower part of your eyes and define your lacrimal with a brush.

9. Mascara or fake eyelashes

To make your eyes stand out more, if you wish, put on false lashes or apply a good mascara. 

The Purple Smokey Eyes is a perfect eye makeup for an evening event. As this makeup technique is intense and used to focus attention on your eyes, we recommend accompanying it with a more nude or natural lip tone. The color of the lips should not overload your makeup and your eyebrows should frame your look perfectly.

 Cheer up! And try this spectacular eye makeup technique and leave everyone amazed with the incredible look this purple smokey eye can give you.

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