Pressed Or Loose Powder, How to choose?

Choosing the right powder can be difficult. Some can make your skin feel dry and some can also make it look cakey. So how to choose – pressed or loose powder?

Pressed Powder

Pressed powder

Pressed powder is mainly comfortable to use for touch-ups. It can help to remove shine throughout the day or just give some more coverage to the skin.

The pressed powder has more oils in it so it covers up any blemishes easier. Of course, for very oily skin it can sometimes give cakey effect if applied too much.

In general, pressed powder is easier to carry around and can be used on the skin on its own, which makes it quite versatile.

Some pressed powder formulas work wonders for dry skin because it moisturizes it.

Loose Powder

Loose Powder

Loose powder name is speaking by itself. The powder is made of loose powder particles, so it covers the skin more light. It is mainly used for setting the makeup, rather than on itself.

Loose powder also removes the shine well, but gives a lot less coverage and can make dry skin even drier.

In addition, it can be used for baking technique, to really hold the makeup in place for the whole day.


When choosing pressed or loose powder, you cannot really compare the two, because their purposes are quite different. Both can do the same work, just the quality is not gonna be the same. It is really best to have both. Loose one will do the job at home, when you will need to set the foundation in place and pressed one will be comfortable to carry around, for some touching-up throughout the day.

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Hope this was helpful.

Good luck!

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