Natural Red Lips Makeup

For most of the people, red lips tent to associate with bright and bold makeup looks. But can you do a natural red lips makeup? Well, the answer is YES, you can! Red lips can be suitable for everyday makeup and just add some drama to it.

Finding The Right Shade

Red lips makeup

First of all, your goal is to find the right shade of red. Look carefully at your skin tone. What undertones it has? Cold, warm, or neutral? Depending on that, choose the same undertone red lipstick and similar color and undertone lip pencil. The shade now should be really suitable for your face.

Make sure you evaluate the brightness of chosen lipstick very well. It is best if it’s not more intense than what you feel comfortable with.

Choosing The Formula

Different red lip products formulas

Nowadays there are plenty of different formulas you can choose from when it comes to red lipsticks. It can be matte, satin, or glossy finish. In addition, it might be not only bullet lipstick, but also liquid lipstick. The only problem with those is that they are mostly suitable for a matte finish and it is hard to layer them.

You should choose the formula depending on the look you want to achieve. Also, some lipsticks can change the formula. For example, matte lipsticks can be made glossy if you apply some lip gloss on them. satin finish lipsticks can be matte if you apply some powder over them.

Do Your Foundation Routine

When the right red lipstick is picked, begin doing your foundation routine. It should not be too heavy, but for sure – enough polished for red lips. You can add some contouring, blush, or highlight to your face, but try to keep it minimal. Your main concentration point is the lips.

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Enhance The Eyes

No eye makeup with red lips

Mascara is also optional. Many now wear red lips without any eye makeup or just a bit of it. For example, a thin line of black liquid liner or smoking out a bit of black eye pencil along the lash line. This just enhances the eye shape and makes the eyelashes look thicker.

In addition, you can add some champagne or any satin finish neutral color eye shadow in the inner corner to complete the look. This gives more freshness to the makeup and opens up the eyes.

After finishing the eyes, brush your eyebrows and add some color if needed. Make sure you keep your eyebrows looking natural. It is very important when creating natural red lips makeup.

Red Lip Color Application

Natural makeup for Asian eyes

Now, the red lips part. You can reach the natural red lips makeup look in a few ways. The first option would be to apply some lip balm, line the lips lightly with a red lip pencil and basically tap your finger on the red lipstick, then tap on the lips. Blend it together with the lip pencil. This will leave the lips looking not too bright and the makeup – really natural.

Natural red lips

The second option is to use the lipstick straight from the bullet on the lips after you apply lip balm and lip pencil. This should look bolder but still toned down a bit, because of the natural face makeup look. If you are not afraid of the intensity of the lips, put some lip gloss over them. It will make the look very glamorous.

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In general, natural face and eyes makeup play a very big role in this. It creates the illusion of natural and fresh face, but with more bold and bright lip color. You can even use red lip gloss instead of pencil and lipstick to give yourself that shiny everyday look, without making yourself look like you’ve over-tried.


All in all, red lips are no longer only evening makeup essential. It is now also part of many individuals everyday makeup. And that is completely okay. You just have to know, how to play with the color intensity and texture.

Good luck!

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