Natural Makeup For Dark Skin

Many dark-skinned people find it really hard to figure out the way of doing their natural makeup for dark skin. Well, the good news is – it is even easier than you thought. Dark skin has a lot of pros when it comes to natural makeup. Why? Because you can easily use dark colors to create the most natural makeup look for dark skin.

Preparing The Skin

Let’s begin with the skin. Finding the right foundation shade is one of the most important steps. Not everywhere good dark-colored foundations are being sold. If your area does not provide very dark shades of face products – time to go online. Many online cosmetics shops sell exactly the shades that you might need. Just do not be lazy and do the research!

Beautiful dark skin

Do not forget to get some concealer for your under eyes and on your eyelid area, if there is some discoloration on that one. It can be one or two shades lighter than your skin color, but keep it natural, because very bright concealer will just make the under eyes look photo shoot-ready.

A good trick, if your foundation is not enough dark for you – use enough dark face powder. It could even be something like matte bronzer. Also, if you are satisfied with your foundation color, try non-colored translucent powder instead of the regular one. It will keep the shade unchanged.

Shaping The Face

Shaping the face

After preparing the skin, try to do a light contour with either contouring powder or just dark matte eye shadow. They usually work just as fine. If you want some freshness, add blush and highlighter, but do not be too rough with it – it is still an everyday makeup.

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Choose a blush shade that is dark and also quite intense. On the dark complexion, it usually looks natural and effortlessly enhancing. As for the highlighter, it is best if it has a light formula. This way on the skin it won’t look too intense and white. The highlight should look natural and catch the light, not create it.

Enhancing The Eyes

Makeup for dark skin

When it comes to the eyes, black and brown shades can be your best friends! On neutralized eyelids put some face powder. Grab matte black eye shadow and with a thin and dense brush apply a thin line of the shadow right along your lash line. Don’t be afraid to apply more. If you do not have a black shadow, use black creamy pencil eyeliner. Apply it very close to the lash line and smoke it out with dense eye shadow brush. This should make your eyelashes look thicker. 

In order to get a bit more definition, put black pencil eyeliner on your bottom waterline. You can apply it quite heavily. In addition, to add freshness, try taking a bit of champagne or sand-colored eye shadow (can be matte or shiny) and apply it in the inner corner. You can even use your highlighter for that. This brings some life for the eyes.

To finish the eyes – mascara. Dark jet black mascara is a must. Coat Your lashes really well with it and do not forget the bottom lash line. Make sure you brush out any clumps or mascara build-up to keep the look polished.

Finishing With The Lips

Lip gloss on dark skin

Last step – lips. If you want to keep it simple, use some clear lip gloss or lip balm. For more captivating look, dark nudes on the lips can do wonders. Depending on the undertone of your lips (cool, warm, neutral) choose same undertone lipstick and/or lip pencil and apply it on the lips. You should be done by now!

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Do not forget to experiment with the makeup and you will master that everyday look. We all know, that sometimes it really is challenging to find the correct color shade or the correct technique, but within some time you will find your own ways of reaching the perfect look on yourself.

Good luck!

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