Natural Lip Liner, How To Use It The Correct Way?

Not everyone’s lip shape is perfect. Many actually wish to define it more. This is where Natural lip liner become in handy. But how to line the lips naturally?

Well, to achieve the most natural-looking lip contour, it is important to pick the right color, right natural lip liner, and even more important – to develop some skills when drawing and defining the lip. 

Choosing The Product

Natural lip liner

For natural-looking definition you should choose a lip pencil shade, that is close to your actual lip color. This will simply make all the work a bit easier. Also, make sure that the pencil is sharp enough.

Before putting any color onto your lips, moisturize them. This will help for the pencil to glide on smoothly.

The Bottom Lip

Over-lining the lips

Start with the bottom lip. Draw the line gently, little by little (It is suggested to stay on your natural lip contours for the most natural look). Fill in a bit towards the center of the lip, so that the color would distribute more.

On the bottom lip, you can do a bit of over-lining, if you feel like you need to. It is easier to do it on the bottom lip also because it has a slight natural shadow under them already. Just do not go too crazy with it and make sure to go little by little.

The Top Lip

Lining the top lip

After the bottom lip is done, move to the top lip. To line the lips naturally, I recommend starting at the top of the Cupid’s bow. You can follow the upper lip contour, or connect it a bit in the middle for more ‘Instagram’ inspired look.

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Start defining the sides of the top lip. Again, it is the best to stay on your natural lip contour, because top lip over-lining is very risky. If you really wanna do it, you should go just slightly above the natural line. Do not forget to fill in with the liner towards the center of the lip.


Lip liner done

After lip defining part is done, use your finger and tap with it on your lips, to blend the color more. Previously applied lip moisturizer should help for the even distributed color.

By now you should be done. Hope this was helpful!

Good luck!

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