Natural Eye Shadow Makeup

When thinking about natural eye shadow makeup, usually people imagine some mascara on the lashes and maybe a bit of light sand color on the lid area. It is typical for the eye shadows to be something less ‘everyday’ type unless it is a light highlight in the inner corner. Well, that is not exactly right to think so.

Picking The Eye Shadow

eye shadow palette

Most of the natural eye shadow makeup look consists of some eye shadows. They are usually matte, skin-colored, or only a few shades darker than your own skin tone. Many individuals use one shade to cover the lid and its discoloration, or two shades to create some contours for the eye.

It is comfortable to have a little everyday makeup palette, that has matte, brown, earth-toned eye shadows and some highlight colors. That type of palette will be useful not only for natural makeup but also for evening looks. A lot of times it has a sponge applicator or any sort of included brush for application. Although, it is highly recommended to have a bit more brushes in your kit for different purposes.

Basic Everyday Eye Shadow Look

Natural makeup

For the most basic eye shadow look, two colors can be enough – light, almost skin-colored shade and brown, few shades darker than your skin tone. Apply the light shade on your lid, inner corner and under the brow bone. Take the darker shade on fluffy eye shadow brush and apply it in the crease. For an extra touch, put some more in the outer corner. Blend it really well! This look is super easy, effortless and natural. It will enhance the shape of your eyes and deepen up the crease.

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Add Some More Color

natural eye makeup

If you want something more intense, take any shimmery highlight color (can be highlighting face powder) and apply it in the inner corner. For more shine, use your finger for application, because it has natural oils on it. Also, you can take chocolate brown (or even black) matte shadow and with a dense brush apply it on your lash line and blend into the outer corner. This will deepen the eye look, thicken the lash line and lift the eyes even more.

For those, who might need some color on the bottom, I suggest taking a brown color that is few shades darker than your skin tone and with a more dense brush apply it on the bottom lash line. For more definition, you can even use black or brown eye pencil on the waterline. Just remember, that this can make your eyes look a bit smaller. For larger eye effect you should try peach/cream colored eye pencil in the waterline.

Always make sure, you keep the intensity of the eye shadows suitable for your everyday makeup needs. You should feel comfortable with the eye makeup look you have on.


To complete the eye look, use some mascara or even some liquid liner along the lash line and you are done! Do not forget to practice this sometime before going to school or work, so that the results would be as desired. There are no strict rules when it comes to everyday makeup. If you feel great with thick cat-eye – do it. If you feel great with no eye makeup – it is also great! The most important is to find the look you enjoy wearing.

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Good luck!

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