Natural Eye Makeup For Beginners

These days everyone understands ‘natural eye makeup look’ very different. For some, it is just a touch of mascara on the eyelashes, and for others, it is a neutral brown smokey eye. In this article, I will discuss a basic everyday natural eye makeup look for beginners.

Prepare The Surface

To begin with, every polished eye makeup look needs a clean surface. After doing your foundation routine, make sure you neutralized your eye area (top lid, under eyes, inner corner) with either some foundation, concealer or even eye makeup primer. Do not forget to set it with a bit of powder. This will help also with blending the shadows if you gonna use some.

The Most Natural Effect

natural eye makeup

For the most natural effect, you can just apply some skin-colored pencil eyeliner in your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and go. If you want something just a little bit more  – add mascara. It can also be brown if black mascara is too intense. Make sure there and no clumps in the lashes!

To open up the eyes more you can try curling them with the eyelash curler before applying mascara. Eyelash curler lifts the eyelashes and opens up the eyes.

Deepen The Look


If that is not enough for every day, before applying the mascara take black creamy eye pencil and line with it your top lash line very carefully. Then take a dense makeup brush and slightly smoke the eyeliner out. It will create more volume for your lashes. 

If you desire some top lash line definition, instead of smoking out the pencil eyeliner try using black liquid liner and apply a thin line along the top of your lashes. Do not try to smoke it out! Liquid liner usually has formula that is not suitable for smudging. 

natural makeup

For more drama, before any eyeliner, you can try to use neutral eye shadows (brown, earth-colored shades). Just apply a minimal amount of them in your crease and on the bottom lash line. You can concentrate the color in the outer corner. Proceed with the eyeliner and mascara. 

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This should be enough for natural eye makeup for beginners. Within some time you will develop more skills in makeup and then you will be able to glam up your everyday look to the maximum. Remember, always practice and experiment until you find your favorite way of doing makeup.

Good luck!

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