Creating A Makeup Kit For Beginners

Creating a makeup kit for beginners can be hard, especially if you have never used much makeup before. Well, good news – you do not need that much.

Good Foundation

Picking makeup base for beginners

For the beginning, get yourself a good foundation. In your local cosmetics store ask for help to find the right foundation. Consider your skin type, color, and texture. This will guide to buy the best choice. And do not be disappointed if the foundation is not good for you – sometimes you gotta try a few different ones to find what suits your skin.

Suitable Concealer And Powder

Applying powder makeup for beginners

Furthermore, buy some concealer and powder. Concealer might not be needed every day if you do not have spots or dark circles that foundation cannot cover, but for special occasions, when you might need more coverage, concealer gonna be useful.

When creating a makeup kit for beginners, the powder is a must for setting the skin. For every day, use it very lightly on the foundation and concealer. If you get oily skin throughout the day, also use some powder to reduce the shine.

The Eyebrows

Applying makeup for the brows for beginners

If your eyebrows are differently shaped or have some spars areas, get an eyebrow pencil. You might not need to use it daily, but you can have it for special events. Also, if your eyebrows are very full and you do not need to fill them in, consider getting an eyebrow gel. This will help to keep them in place.

Enhancing The Eyes

Natural eye makeup for beginners

For everyday makeup, mascara can be enough for you to have in the kit. In case you will want to intensify your everyday look or get done for the evening, get some eyeliner and eye shadow palette. For the beginning, neutral, earth-tone shades will be enough. Later you can expand your collection.

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Some Additional Products

Applying Lip liner for beginners

It is always useful to have at least one blush, contour, and highlight product. You can use them daily and if it is too much – only on special occasions.

For the beginning, one lip gloss, lip pencil, and lipstick will be enough. You can mix and match those. Of course, later this collection could expand.

Hope this gave you a clearer look at what you should have in a makeup kit for beginners. Do not be afraid to experiment and add your own desired products.

Good luck!

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