Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes remind us of the seas and the sky. They are bright and captivating. It is true, that almost anything can suit these beauties. So what are the makeup ideas for blue eyes?

The Power Of Colors

Orange and rose gold smokey eyes

First of all, let’s discuss the colors, which make the blue eyes stand out. Peach, orange, coral, gold, brown and bronze shades really accentuate the blueness by creating the contrast between the two colors.

Smokey look to enhance the green in the eyes

If your blue eyes have any green tint to them, purple, magenta, or violet shades will bring it out even more. Basically, by using any purple toned shades you can create an illusion of green eyes, as long as you have a hint of greenness in them.

Brown smokey eye

To make the blue eye color look lighter, you can use some dark shades. Anything like dark brown, dark grey or even black. They will create a contrast between the lightness of the eyes and the darkness of the eye shadows. This way it makes the blue look lighter. For every day, you can just smoke out your lash line with any of the dark shades and it will make the blue eye color look bright and more intense.

Enhancing The Blue Eyes

Colorful bottom lash line on blue eyes

For a natural look that you can wear everyday use any of the mentioned shades, but apply them lightly, staying mostly on the lid space. If you want to experiment, apply some bright colored eye shadows (orange, peach, pink, purple and etc.) on the bottom lash line. This will really help to enhance eye color. Just don’t forget to use the previously mentioned shades.

bronze smokey eye for blue eyes

For the evening you can choose smokey eyes. Use dark brown, grey or black for the classic look. This will never be out of style. Want to be bold? Use orange, brown and bronze shades to create the smokey eye. It will do wonders for the blue eye color and also will create the desired contrast for the eyes.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment!

colorful eye liner on blue eyes

Do you feel like you are good at applying eyeliner? Get some colorful liners! (can also be sparkly) For example, use coral eyeliner over the top of your lashes or even on the bottom. If it looks a bit too bright with the liner on the bottom, use coral or peach pencil eyeliner on your waterline instead. This still enhances the eye color but keeps it less intense.


These are just a few makeup ideas for blue eyes, but remember – experimenting is the key! There are so many makeup looks you can do to enhance the blueness of the eyes and make them stand out. Be open to the new colors, textures, and techniques – they might do wonders for your makeup game!

Good luck!

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