Makeup For A Burgundy Dress

Burgundy color is mysterious, sophisticated and sexy. Many like to choose it for special occasions, events. It symbolizes sexiness, passion, elegance. But what kind of makeup for a burgundy dress is complimentary?

The Classic Look

Burgundy lips makeup

The classic look that will suit a burgundy dress no matter what is neutral eyes and dark burgundy lips. You can apply a minimal amount of soft and light eye shadows, maybe some liner on the eyes or smudged eye pencil put on mascara (can even use fake eyelashes), and go in with outfit-matching color lipstick on the lips. Make sure to define the lips with a lip pencil for the perfect look. This makeup looks super classy, sophisticated, and also elegant. Not to mention, it is easy to do!

The Smokey Eyes

Burgundy smokey eyes

For those of you, who do not like dark lips, smokey eyes are one of the best choices. It can be brown, black, or even a burgundy smokey eye if you like to stand out. Pair it with some neutral colored lips and you are good to go. This look is very sexy, it’s suitable for the evening events. It brings out the light-colored eyes, creates mystery.

The Sophisticated Choice

Sophisticated makeup

If your desired look is more natural, then skip dark eyes and dark lips. Use brown shades for your makeup, keep it simple. Line the lips with brown/burgundy colored pencil lightly and fill them in a little. Take a lighter shade lipstick. Put it in the center of the lips and blend it together with the liner. For an extra touch, you can apply some lip gloss. This look should be still captivating, but toned down and more sophisticated.

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Some More Drama

Dramatic burgundy makeup

Do you like to go bold? Match the burgundy lips with dark and sultry eyes! Glam up your brown/burgundy smokey eyes with some gold in the center of the lid and inner corner. Darken the outer V shape with a little bit of dark brown or black and add liner with false eyelashes. Apply that dark burgundy lipstick and add lip gloss, if you want some real glam. This look will turn all the eyes on you, but remember – sometimes less is more! So, try to blend the eye shadows really well and not overdose them. Burgundy lips already are super intense!


Burgundy color dress can really be worn with many different styles of makeup. Do not be afraid to experiment and try to match it with something new. Practice the look at home, before the occasion. That way you will make sure that on the upcoming event day you will know, what you are doing. And remember – makeup is just one part of your whole look – your confidence and smile is way more important!

Good luck!

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