Causes Of Lash Extensions Falling Out And How To Prevent It

It is known that eyelash extensions will not stay on your eyes forever and that eventually, they are gonna fall out. But what if this process comes across earlier than expected? There are a lot of mistakes that can be done by you or even your lash artist. So, the causes of lash extensions falling out and how to prevent it.

What Can Cause Lash Extensions Falling Out?

To begin with, it is normal that lash extensions are falling out. On a daily basis, we lose 1 to 5 of our natural lashes. So, if you have eyelash extensions, it is quite regular for 1 to 5 lash to fall off together with your natural ones.

The problem arises, when you start to lose a lot more. And there are quite a lot of reasons why this is happening.

Lash extensions
  • You are not taking good care of your lashes.

Anything from rubbing your eyes to using makeup on your eye area will more or less affect your lash extensions. If you will roughly touch the lashes regularly, pull them or even brush them too often – it will cause them to shed faster. The same applies when using makeup. The application might not cause too much damage, but the removal process a lot of times does the most of the bad work.

When you are removing makeup, you are also dragging and pulling the lash extensions. Not to mention, your eyelashes can be affected by the removal product you are using. If it is oil-based you are basically asking for your lash extensions to fall off. Oils are one of the most damaging things for the extensions.

Also, you might have wet your lashes 48 hours after the application. This period of time is crucial if you want your lashes to stay put. Any water that touches the lash extensions within 48 hours after them being done can disturb the glue and make them fall. In general, it is best to avoid water on eyelash extensions at any time. Only use some water to clean the lashes but stay away from direct contact when not necessary.

  • You are sleeping on your face.
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This is something that is hard to control but it can cause quite a bit of damage. When you sleep on any side of your face, that eye with extensions has extra irritation every night from rubbing into the pillow. So, usually, that eye has a higher chance of losing the lash extensions. If you notice that one eye has an obvious lack of extensions – this might be the reason.

Before falling asleep try to think about your position. Work on your habit of sleeping on your back rather than on your stomach. It can be challenging in the beginning and you still might wake up with your face facing the pillow, but with some time it should be better.

  • You are taking medications.

This is one of the rarest causes but it is possible that you are taking some medication that affects your lashes. For example, if you are using pills for hair growth, your lashes are also being affected and they do shed more often, meanwhile growing faster.

There are also medications that make your natural lashes either dryer or oilier. If they are dry, the lash will break easier and shed faster. If natural eyelashes are oily, they disturb the glue, which also causes them to lose the extensions.

  • Your eyelashes are naturally weak.

Truth is, some eyelashes are just weak naturally and they simply cannot handle the weight and pressure of lash extensions. Good lash professionals will offer you a suitable length, thickness and curl of the lashes but sometimes even the most professional technicians choose slightly too heavy and thick extensions. And it can lead to falling out of the lashes.

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Of course, if your natural lashes are super weak and thin, eyelash extensions might not work for you at all. In this case, you should try to first strengthen your lashes. Use Castor oil, eyelash growth serums or just take better care of your overall nutrition.
You can also try this eyelash kit, which are higher quality than the normal ones.

  • Poor application process.

It can happen because of various reasons. Your eyes might have been watering too much, the glue was a bit old or the application wasn’t professional enough.

If you have accidentally fallen asleep meanwhile the process, your eyes might have been unintentionally slightly open. This way the glue penetrated your eyes and they started to water. You might also have just sensitive eyes that start to water easily or the technician used too much glue and they’ve got into the eye. Water disturbs the glue and doesn’t let the extension stick to the lash properly.

Another reason is old or just less quality glue. Sometimes you will notice that the eyelash extension, that has fallen, does not have your natural lash attached. Usually, it means, that the glue wasn’t strong enough. It was either disturbed by outside factors or the actual glue was old (or less quality).

Last but not least – the technician made some mistakes. Maybe glued one lash on two natural ones or used too much glue. In simple words – she or he wasn’t accurate enough.

Lash extensions done

How To Take Care Of Your Lash Extensions?

  • For 48 hours after the procedure avoid water on your lashes. The adhesive is easily affected by the wetness.
  • Stop rubbing, pulling or roughly touching your lashes. It pulls out the lashes very fast and can get them tangled. This will fasten the falling process.
  • Do not brush the lashes too often. You can remove any tangles or fix their placement, but do not do it for no reason. It pulls the lashes and they can fall off faster.
  • Avoid makeup on your top eyelids. The removal of it can be really damaging.
  • Don’t use oils. Oils disturb the eyelash glue and increase the falling process.
  • Stop using mascara. Mascara sticks the lashes together. Your natural lashes have to handle even more weight. They also have no ability to move and it leads to eyelashes falling out.
  • Don’t sleep on your stomach. Your lashes will rub into the pillow and cause the lash extensions to fall off faster.
  • Avoid cotton around the eye area. Lash extensions usually collect the cotton material and it can be difficult to remove. Also, when trying to get it out, you might pull out a lot of your lash extensions unintentionally.
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Choose A Good Technician

If you really want your lashes to stay on, look for a professional technician. Although there are a lot of factors that can cause eyelash extensions falling out which you are responsible for yourself, a good technician is 50% of the success. They help you to choose the right style, thickness, length, and curl. They also are responsible for the successful application and your comfort. So do your research, look for good reviews and don’t be afraid to ask for a certificate.


Although there are a lot of reasons why your lashes might have been falling out, I hope this article helped you to figure out why it happened to you. Take good care of your lashes, choose a professional technician and enjoy all the pros that lash extensions are giving you.

Good luck!

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Causes of lash extensions falling out and how to prevent it.




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