How To Use Gel Eyeliner

When starting to use any type of eyeliner, you need to develop some skills. Especially when it comes to gel eyeliners. So, how to use gel eyeliner?

How Does Gel Eyeliner Look Like?

Gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliners usually come in a small jar with a secure lid, in order for it not to dry. Sometimes they even have a special brush attached to them, for application. 

Well, if you bought one of these and it does not have a brush, first thing to do – get one. It can be the most simple eyeliner brush, angled brush, flat angled brush, or flat tip brush. These are most common when using gel eyeliner.

The Application

To start off the application on the top lashline, dip your brush very gently into the liner mass (Do not go too deep, it will take too much product). If your brush is flat, try to put the product on the side, which you are going to use directly on the lashline.

Applying gel eyeliner

Start with the middle of the eye and move outwards. Go in with small steps. It is better to build the intensity of the liner gradually, rather than going in with too much product at the beginning.

When there is less product left on the brush, start defining the inner part of the eye and connect it with the outer section. Defining the line is the hardest part, but with a good makeup brush and a little more time, it is possible. You can also add some more product if you feel like you need to.

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The Finish

After you are done, do not forget to put the lid back on tightly and clean the brush. If you will not do it, the product will start drying.

Remember, learning to use gel eyeliner requires some practice, but you will become better at it with every try.

Good luck!

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