How To Make Your Foundation Look Natural

Everyone asks how to make your foundation look natural. For some people, it is enough to find a good BB cream and they are happy with the natural result that it gives. Well, that result still usually does not cover some spots or more visible rednesses. When you find the right foundation, the question arises – how to make your foundation look natural?

Look For The Correct Foundation

Natural foundation

There are actually some ways, how you can make a foundation look like your own skin. The first option is to look for a foundation that is quite light consistency but still has good coverage. And yes, it is hard to find this combination. Some will succeed, some will not. Truth is, it is one the easiest way of making the foundation look more natural on the skin. 

Use A Face Mist

spraying face mist

The second option is using a face mist or just some simple water in a spray bottle and spraying it on the face after the foundation application is done. It will dilute the product on the skin a bit and give you a slight glow.

Find The Right Tool For Application

Applying Foundation

Furthermore, you can try applying the foundation with a wet BeautyBlender. It absorbs quite a lot of product but definitely gives the second-skin look.

In case you want to read about BeautyBlender more, click here.

In general, quite dense foundation brushes tent to blend makeup into the skin very well. Almost like putting foundation not onto the skin, but into. So that can definitely be a good option to try.

Last but not least – try to apply your foundation with fingers. That is very old school, but it does wonders. The heat from your fingers will warm up the foundation and it will blend with the skin better. Of course, the downside – fingers will also absorb quite a bit of product, so be aware of that.

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Hope any of these tips helped for You!

Good luck!

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