How To Highlight The Face

Almost everyone knows how to contour, but how to highlight the face? For many, it is already an everyday makeup look step, but for some of the individuals, it is still a mystery. In this article, we are not going to talk about the famous wet look on the face and cheekbones. We are going to discuss the matte highlight, that can really do wonders for anyone’s face shape.

Choosing The Right Product

Choosing highlighting product for the face

Highlighting, in general, is just a way of bringing out the wanted face features to the front. It can help to define your face shape and to actually change it. When choosing good highlight shade, it is important to consider Your skin undertone (cool, warm, neutral). The highlight should have the same undertone, but be a few shades lighter than your skin. 

Highlighter could be powder one, or cream one (concealer also works). It is recommended to use cream one if you have very dry skin and powder one for very oily or combination skin. If your skin is normal, just use any of the mentioned options.

Highlighting The Forehead

If your forehead is low, highlight the center of it and blend it out. If you have a high forehead, try to keep highlighting very minimal, only in between and a bit above the eyebrows. This will help to make it look smaller. If you want to make your forehead look wider, use highlight all the way above your eyebrows. To make the forehead taller, highlight a thin line towards the hairline (stopping about an inch before hairline) and blend it outwards.

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Highlighting The Under Eyes

Highlighting the under eyes

The more wide and expanded under eyes highlight is going to be, the wider that area will look. If you want to slim down the face, concentrate the under eyes highlighter in the center of the face and do not go any close to the temples. If you want to make the area of your cheekbones look wider, expand the highlighter from your under eyes to the temples and blend it very well.

Highlighting The Chin Area

Do not put a highlight on the chin if it is quite prominent and you don’t like it. The highlight will only accentuate it. Highlight the chin if you feel, like you need to elongate your face, or enhance the chin itself. Highlighting the chin can complete the look, but it can also bring out the unwanted feature for some individuals. You can also add a bit of highlighter to the cupid’s bow area, to make the upper lip look fuller.

Highlight Under The Contour

Kim Karadashian highlighting the face

Whenever you want to accentuate your contouring work, put highlighter under, or above it, or both. This will give the maximum contoured and highlighted effect. Of course, for everyday makeup, it might be too much, because it is the best for photoshoots and photographs in general.


Hope this article helped you to figure out, how you can change your face shape with highlighter’s help. I highly suggest using it with contouring. The highlight itself does only half of the work. Contouring will definitely complete the look. Make sure to experiment and try different products, techniques to find what works perfectly for you.

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Good luck!

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