How To Do Smokey Eyes?

Many individuals struggle to do their evening makeup. All those sparkles, bright colors and false eyelashes can make anyone stressed. Well, probably one of the best solutions is smokey eyes makeup look. Smokey eyes do not require a lot of different colors and you can even do it very fast if you improve your skills enough.

First of all, smokey eyes can be done with any makeup shade, preferably matte one. Something more classic, like dark matte grey, brown or even black. Also, you need a good blending brush for blending and making that effortless smoke around the eyes.

Starting The Process

Smokey eyes

To begin with, cover your eyelid with eye makeup primer or, if you do not have one, just use your foundation or concealer and cover the lid and bottom (under the lash line) area with it. Set everything with powder or nude shade eye shadow. This will help for any other eye shadows to blend better.

After that, for the most simple smokey eye, choose the matte shade you want and start applying it on the lid, starting at the lash line for the biggest color concentration and gradually go up, by fading color towards your crease. Try not to go too high with the shadow!

Some Pro-Tips

Smokey eyes

Now, if you want to be more professional, before using this one matte shade on your eyelids, take some matte brown color eye shadow (few shades darker than your skin color) and apply it lightly in your crease with the blending brush. Then take the chosen dark matte shade with a more dense brush (could also be sponge applicator) and apply it closer to the lash line. Take your blending brush after again and blend the two colors together in one, for the most gradual effect. You can also add some highlighter in the inner corner of the eye, to open up the eyes and brighten the look.

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For the bottom lash line, you can use creamy pencil eyeliner and then blend it a bit with a smaller and denser brush, or instead, you can just apply the same eye shadow that was used on the lid and blend it slightly down. Don’t blend it down too much, because it can make your eyes look droopy.

For more intensive effect, you can use false eyelashes, or black eyeliner, or both. If you do not want any of these – it is completely okay. Just remember, mascara is a must for this look! It pulls the whole makeup together.


By now, you should be done. Do your foundation routine as normal but try to be just a bit heavier with it – dark eyes require more polished skin than usual. And just a reminder – do not forget to keep your lips on the neutral side, unless you are reaching for a very bold look.

Good luck!

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