How To Contour The Face?

Although many different articles and videos are made about the topic ‘how to contour the face?’, there are still many questions regarding it. Contouring requires knowing your face shape very well and it becomes a problem for many individuals. Picking the product also raises some questions. So how to contour the face and different face shapes?

Contouring the different face shapes

First of all, there is one main thing to know about contouring – it is creating a shadow with makeup. Wherever You apply contour color, it brings that area back, defines it and sometimes slims it down.

When contouring, basically it is the best to follow the natural crevices of your face unless you want not to only define, but to also change your face shape a bit.

Choosing The Right Product

Face contouring products

Before beginning to contour, choose the right shade for you. Depending on your skin undertone (warm, cool, neutral) choose similar undertone contour shade. Remember, it cannot be too warm – you don’t want to look orange.

When it comes to the texture of the product, it is really up to you. The main thing, that can help when choosing the right texture, is knowing your skin type. If it is very dry – stay with cream contouring products. If it is oily – dry, powder products will work just as fine. Normal or combination skin? Any of the textures will work for you.

Choosing The Brush

Contouring brushes

When it comes to choosing the right brush for contouring, it always depends on everyone’s personal preference and the product texture they want to work with. For powder texture products it is the best to use an angled brush or just generally more dense brush, that is a suitable size for your face. Avoid very fluffy brushes or very big ones – they are mainly made for loose powder application.

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If your chosen product is cream consistency, you can stick with smaller foundation brushes or use even the damp BeautyBlender. Some also like to use a stippling brush, because it blends the product very naturally.

In general, try to experiment when it comes to cream texture products because every different way of applying it brings different results.

Forehead Contouring

If your forehead is high, apply contouring shade on top of it, on the sides and blend it down and in. If you do not have a high forehead, try to use less product on it to define just a bit, or concentrate the color on the sides to narrow it.

Cheekbones Contouring

Cheekbones contouring

Begin to contour on the back of the cheek by blending the color slightly down and go towards the center of your face. Question is, how far should you go? Well, if you want to slim down your face, do not go any further than the outer part of your eye.

Want to make your cheek area look wider? Contour by going as close to the nose area as you can get, without looking dirty of course. If you are satisfied with your cheekbones and just want to define it, try to apply the contour shade right until it meets the middle of your eye.

Slimming Down The Face

To make your face look slimmer, the first contour the under chin area to cover the double chin, if you have one. Also, it helps to define the jawline. When you are defining the jaw bone, blend the color into your neck as well. For an extra slimming effect, use contour shade on the sides of your face, starting from the sides of the forehead, temples, ears and then jaw. Don’t forget the ears – their color should match the face shade!

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Contouring Long Face

If you feel like your face shape is a bit too long, put the contour shade on and under your chin. Also, add some on the forehead and blend it down. This should create an illusion of a shorter face.


Hope this shed more light on the concept of contouring and how to contour the face correctly. In the beginning, it might be challenging, but as you practice it more and more every day, it will gradually become better. Always make sure you work on your skills and improve them.

Good luck!

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