How To Choose A Blush Set?

These days there are plenty of blush sets in the market. For many makeup lovers, it can be challenging to choose a blush set, that will surely suit their needs.

Choose The Formula

To begin with, you need to choose the texture of the blush. It can be creamy or powder consistency. Maybe if your skin is very dry, try creamy formulas. For oily skin, powder formulas work just great.

Consider The Quantity

Blush set

The main thing to consider before buying is how many colors you want to have in the blush set. It usually varies between 2 to 10 shades in a palette. Probably in a 10 shade set you will not need all the colors, because it is quite rare to find all the 10 shades suitable.

On the other hand, if you are planning to make a custom palette, it will be a lot easier – you can choose the shades that you actually like.

Pick Your Shades

When choosing the shades, make sure you know the undertone (warm, cool, neutral) of your skin well. It is typical to choose same undertone blush colors as your skin undertone.

Of course, you can experiment. Sometimes choosing to use cool blush tone on the warm skin neutralizes the warmth a bit. And it can work opposite with the cool skin tones and warm undertone blushes.

The Importance Of Variety

Cream Blush set

In the set it is also important to have blush colors, that can be suitable to use with all the different eyeshadow looks. What it basically means, you should keep your palette various. Try to include not only pink shades but also some peach, brown-toned colors.

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If there is a possibility, mix the textures by adding few powder blushes and few creamy ones in the same set.

All in all, feel free to experiment. It is never a mistake to do so. Within some time of practice, you will definitely understand how to choose a blush set that works for you.

Hope this was helpful!

Good luck!

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