How To Become A Makeup Artist

These days many people ask how to become a makeup artist.
Most of them want to work in the beauty industry. And it is reasonable. you can get well paid if you do it well. Also, it is quite fun and creative.

For those, who want to start a makeup artist career, it is very important to really be engaged in the beauty industry. What it basically means, You should take an interest in new products, new techniques of applying makeup and etc. Also, try to watch some videos on the internet to get some more knowledge.

Take A Makeup Course

In general, a very important step is taking good quality courses. Yes, for sure there are people, who became incredible makeup artists by themselves, BUT it is rare and might take even longer time to become great at doing makeup if you do it only by yourself. 

You can look for good makeup artists in your area and then see if they do courses. Or look directly for makeup artist courses. Make sure, you do good research. Better to choose a course which has some great reviews (even better, if you can find people, who completed the course, and see their work) and also gives a certificate. 

Do not make a mistake and take individual makeup course for ‘yourself’. Most of these are made for woman, who just want to figure out, how to do their own makeup. Make sure, that if it is an individual course, it is for actually becoming a makeup artist and working with different people, not only with your own face.

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Remember, don’t be cheap and prepare to pay a fair amount of money for the course. People deserve their goods after sharing their knowledge with you. 

Course prices vary in every place, but they are usually not inexpensive.

Now, it does not matter, how many courses you will complete, if you do not practice. And you must practice not only on yourself. Ask friends, family members to become your makeup models. Try practicing also on different age groups, different skin colors, and types. It is crucial to learn to work with different people.

Be Your Own Marketing Manager

Last, but not least – become your own marketing manager. Learn to take good pictures of the makeup you do – it presents your working skills. Create your own makeup page, where everyone can see all the work of yours. Maybe, in the beginning, try to get a job in a beauty salon. This will also help to get more experience.


All in all, these are just the first steps in the makeup artist career. There is a lot more to it. Every makeup artist is learning within their work and so will you if this is what you are planning to do. 

Good luck!

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