How To Become A Freelance Makeup Artist

These days being a freelancer seems like a dream for so many individuals. It is a dynamic way of working and it really attracts the makeup artists. They can plan their working schedule depending on their personal needs and there’s no boss to control their activities. So, if you love makeup and you wish to make a living out of it, read further and figure out how to become a freelance makeup artist.

Develop Skills

Any career starts with learning. The same applies to the makeup artist career. You have to develop makeup skills that are enough professional and qualified to be used for earning money out of it. Join some good makeup courses, make sure to read the reviews of them and find works of the course students. Basically, do everything to get a good quality education in makeup.

Aside from the courses you really have to improve your skills with a lot of practice. Ask your mom, sister, friends to be your makeup models. Doing it only on yourself is not enough. You need to practice on different face features, age, skin colors, and textures. This will really help when you will start to work with clients.

Start watching makeup videos on the internet. They will not only inspire you and give you new ideas but also will help to learn new information, follow beauty trends and catch some useful tips and tricks of the makeup. Makeup review videos are especially useful when picking out the products you might want to buy. Other professional makeup artists do some great and informative reviews of different products, that are very helpful when deciding what to add to your makeup artist kit.

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Start Working

When it comes to starting to work as a freelance makeup artist, you have few choices. One of them is to start working at a salon and the other is to begin working on your own.

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If You Start Working At The Salon

Working at the beauty salon has its own benefits and drawbacks. The good side is that you will be able to collect your clients quite quickly because as a salon’s makeup artist you will get the clients automatically by the salon. It might be a bit more complicated if there are more makeup artists working at the same time with you but it is quite rare. The big minus is that the money you get per person will also be smaller due to the fact that it is brought by the salon.

There are some beauty salons that do not have many makeup clients (for example some salons only specialize in hair and a need for makeup is very rare). In this case, you will need to bring your own clients and that can be challenging in the beginning. Make sure to kindly ask your salon to promote you and help you to get some more work. There are more things you can do to gain clients but to get to know more about it – read further.

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One of the main cons of working in the salon is the amount of money you have to pay for working there. A lot of times working in the salon will require you to rent your place there. Basically, you pay some amount of money to work there and use their place to accept clients.

Usually, you pay for one month every month. Some salons only give you specific days and some salons can let you work there every day. The number of clients you will have will be completely up to you unless somebody will be looking for a makeup artist services through the salon. So, it is quite risky if you don’t have your group of loyal clients because you might end up just paying for the rent and getting non or just a little income.

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There are some salons that just collect some percentage of the price from every makeup you do. This can be beneficial if you don’t have a big number of clients every month.

If You Start Working On Your Own

Working on your own from the beginning probably will be very challenging. You will have to collect and attract the people by yourself. Also, you will not have the random clients that the salon can provide.

Good thing is that you will be in full control of your time and money. You will manage the clients on your own and will be able to fully control their appointments.

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How To Attract Clients

No matter whether you start working in the salon or on your own, you will still need some skills to collect yourself more clients. There are quite a lot of things you can do to get more work.

  • Create your makeup page. It can be on such platforms as Facebook, Instagram or anything popular in your area. The main goal is to share your work there and reach more people with your content.
  • Invite people to like and follow your page. The more individuals will do that, the more recognition your page will get.
  • Share your work content on your social media. Although it can be risky to share your work on your social media because it is your personal space, still try to do that in order to get more recognition. Just try to not overload your feed with work content – the personal makeup page should be your main focus.
  • Create an ad or boost your post. It will really increase the number of people it reaches. Don’t forget to target the right area and the right people for you. Usually, you will have filters to help you.
  • Share your content persistently. Make sure to keep your page active and show that you are working. This way you will constantly remind of yourself for the potential clients.
  • Ask your clients to recommend you and write a review. Most of the people trust the recommendations of their friends and the reviews on the makeup pages, so try to keep up with those.
  • Post and comment in forums, groups, or in the comments section. Share your work there, suggest your services and promote them. You will never know when somebody who needs your skillful hand will contact you because of seeing your post in some makeup group.
  • Always be nice and caring. Makeup clients love excellent customer service. They will be more likely to recommend you for their friends if they will feel your great personal qualities.
  • Collaborate. By doing a collaboration with somebody who has their personal clients (for example a hairstylist) will give you an ability to be seen by those who are following the other person’s work.
  • Start with working at the salon. It doesn’t apply if you are already working in a salon but if you’re not and you need more clients – try to. Maybe you will get less income from each makeup work but you will definitely have the ability to gain some clients and keep them when you start to work on your own.
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Becoming a freelance makeup artist can be very challenging. It requires a lot of patience and work. Stay calm and invest your time in it. It will most definitely pay-off if you will do it sincerely and thoughtfully. Always improve your skills and look for new ideas. The beauty industry is evolving every day and every day you will find something else to learn.

Good luck!

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