Flawless Foundation Look, How to make it?

Many of us wish to have that perfect baby skin, but in reality pimples, rednesses and pores tent to take over. The flawless foundation then comes in handy. Question is, how to make the foundation look flawless?

Importance Of The Foundation And Application

Applying Foundation

When it comes to the perfect foundation, it really depends on your skin the most – what will suit it the best. For different skin types (normal, dry, combination, oily) there are different foundations. Also, you can choose the finish you want – matte, glowy, or satin. 

Almost any foundation can look flawless if it is applied to suitable skin. In addition, it has to be applied with certain tools to achieve the wanted look.

For example, for the most natural-looking effect, you can use wet BeautyBlender. It dilutes a bit the foundation and pushes it right into the skin.

If you want the second-skin effect and BeautyBlender is not your first choice, you can try to use a stippling brush. It absorbs less product than BeautyBlender, but also gives quite natural and perfected finish to the skin. More dense foundation brushes also do an amazing job when blending. 

Choose Good Primer

For those, who don’t like to use much foundation, but still want that effortless skin, primers come in handy. They create a layer on the skin, that minimizes all the imperfections, fine lines, and pores. Foundation will lay on the skin perfectly. Just make sure to find a good primer, that really will do the job. If you are planning to use it every day, avoid silicone-based ones – they might occlude the pores.

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The Power Of Powder

Beautiful Skin

Sometimes it is enough to have a great powder for the skin and flawless finish can be reached right after it sits on the foundation. Use light loose powder for a more natural effect.

If you feel like your foundation needs more coverage, use pressed powder or even powder foundation. It really perfects the skin to the maximum.

Finishing With Setting Mist

To make the foundation look even more blended and more like your own skin, you can use makeup setting mist. There are plenty in the market, to create all the different finishes. They set the face makeup and a lot of times gives this healthy minimal glow to the skin.

Hope you will be able to reach the desired look with your foundation!

Good luck!

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