Face Threading – The Complete Tutorial

Face threading is already known for quite some time. It is mainly good for perfectly shaped eyebrows or a peach fuzz-free face. Threading is supposed to give you a smooth finish and last for up to six weeks. And that’s not it! So, face threading: everything you need to know about it.

What Is Threading?

Threading is an ancient Indian hair removal method. It is one of the secrets of the perfectly arched eyebrows. And not only that! If the procedure is being done correctly, it can create natural-looking, but well-groomed brows. Also, remove the peach-fuzz from your face, or any other facial hair, like the little ‘mustache’ above your lips. The results stay for longer than with tweezing or waxing also.

How Does It Work?


Like most of the hair removal treatments, threading usually takes place in a salon. You will be seated in a designated chair of your therapist and both of you will discuss your expectations from the procedure. If you want to grow out your eyebrow arches, thicken the ends, get a peach-fuzz removal and etc.

The professional is using a cotton thread, that is being twisted on their hands in a specific way. Then, in a quite fast manner, the desired area of your face is being plucked.

Threading is a very skilled technique. The cotton thread is being doubled, twisted and then rolled out. Usually not only one, but several hairs are being plucked out at once. It helps to have more control over the shape. Threading is quite fast and really precise. Also, it takes out those unwanted hairs right at the follicle. It leaves a clean finish with longer-lasting results, that are extra neat and perfectly symmetrical.

Don’t Try It At Home

Unless you are using threading by yourself regularly and surely know, how to do it, don’t thread your own face yourself. Removing the peach-fuzz might not be that dangerous, but eyebrows, chin or upper lip is very risky to do yourself.

Get an appointment at the salon or specific brow place. Also, make sure that the threading technician is professional and knows what he/she is doing. It is best to see photos of their work or read reviews of the clients. If a technician is not asking you about your previous medical history, beauty, and cosmetic treatments or just simply enquiring as to whether you have been threaded before, consider changing the specialist. Feel free to ask for a certificate and ensure that you feel fully comfortable with the specialist. It is very important before letting the threading begin. Remember, ruined eyebrows, any skin infections or similar problems are not worth the time, money and pain.

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Your Cleanness Is Also Important


Many individuals think that cleanness is only the therapist’s responsibility. Well, it is wrong to think so.

Make sure that you wash your hands before the threading session. Any leftovers of dirt and germs that got to you during the day stick to your hands and fingers. Usually, in a threading session, you will be asked to hold your skin, pull it back. If your hands are not clean and have all types of bacteria on them, it will transfer onto your skin. This can create little pimples, breakouts or even infections.

Also, hygiene does not stop only at your hands. The thread is being cleansed and sanitized before it has any contact with the client’s skin. Technician sprays sanitizing spray on people’s skin, threads that will be used on the clients and any other equipment they might need to. If it is not sterile, it should not go anywhere near your face. One of the rules to remember for life.

Discuss Everything With Your Technician

After long research, you finally have booked yourself an appointment. The day has come and you are about to speak with the chosen professional about your goals. The main thing to remember – discuss it all. The technician might see aesthetics different than you. You still need to tell about your individual taste and future aims. Especially when it comes to eyebrows. Make sure you do that at the beginning of the consultation. Also, you can check the progress with a hand mirror in between the session. But don’t be over-panicky about it. Your technician shouldn’t be always interrupted (unless it all is going the wrong way).

If you are doing the eyebrows, discuss the shape, you want to achieve. Talk about thickness and future goals. It is a lot easier with the general face threading because there are no shapes or forms to discuss.

How Much Does It Hurt?

For the ones, who are about to have their first threading appointment and are quite nervous about it, I recommend asking your therapist to thread a small section of your forearm. This will help you to get used to the feeling. When it comes to pain, it varies from person to person, but for many, the eyes start watering and they wanna sneeze a bit. It is actually quite painful most of the time, especially in the first sessions. Although it is nothing as painful as the Brazilian bikini wax. 

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For many long-term threading lovers, it is already a casual procedure, which creates a little to non-pain. It takes not long to get used to the motion of thread whipping quickly over your skin. The best technicians are the ones, who do it speedy and efficient. This comes only with practice and experience.

Consider Your Period

It is not a secret that threading is quite painful. Mostly because of the longevity of the procedure. Well, if you are on your period or PMS, it is even worse. It is not a secret that women are more sensitive when they are on their ‘red days’. And that applies not only to their mental health. It is also valid for their physical feeling sensation. Threading session could be far more tender on THAT time of the month, rather than on a regular day. It is a fact that pain perception is higher during the menstrual and premenstrual phases of your cycle.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Before and after

Many want to know, how long this beauty procedure takes. Well, small areas of the face take at around 15 minutes. These areas include the chin, upper lip, and eyebrows. Doing the full face can take up to 30-45 minutes. It all really depends on the thickness of facial and brow hair, also the professionalism of the technician.

Feel free to ask for a little break. You might need one if the face threading procedure, in the beginning, will feel painful or uncomfortable in any way. There are even some brow salons that offer a head and shoulder massage after your treatment. This helps for any tension you developed throughout the procedure to fade away.

Aftercare And Preparation

Just because you had your eyebrows done, it doesn’t mean your own maintenance ends there. It actually only starts. Any areas of the face that has been threaded, except the eyebrows, should be kept away from any stimulating treatments. They add more blood and heat to the surface of the skin and this usually makes it way more sensitive. This increases the chance of getting any bad reactions or breakouts. Also, do not get a laser treatment and threading on the same day.

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After the threading session, it is very important to have a gentle approach to the skin. Avoid touching, pulling or in any way irritating the threaded area. Your pores will be wide open to irritation. Stay away from swimming pools, saunas, and hot temperature, direct sunlight for the upcoming 24 hours.

Makeup around the eyes, fake self-tanners on the face should be also avoided. You can come back to these pleasures after just one day. Then you will be able to show off your new brows.

Stay away from hot showers. The threaded area should only be touched with cold water to cool the heat you might feel after the treatment. Also, it helps to tighten the pores.

For the most perfect results, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin you want to thread, prior to the visit. This helps to get rid of the dead skin and ingrown hairs for beautifully smooth results.

Some Additional Information About Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading

After the procedure, your eyebrows will be easier than ever to fill in yourself. You will definitely have more time in bed in the mornings!

A lot of times the therapist asks if you want to get your eyebrows trimmed. If you have regular or quite thick brows – do it! This neatens the look and perfects the shape.

It is casual to be handed with a mirror for a closer look of the eyebrows. This way you and the technician know, that the result is as desired. They should offer some aloe vera also, to cool down the skin and reduce the redness. It should also disappear on itself entirely within an hour or two.


Hope this shed more light on face threading and everything you need to know about it! If you have never tried it before, it is time to do so. There are plenty of ways of how to remove the facial hair, but threading is definitely one of the most unusual ones. Give it a try!

Good luck!

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