Eyeliner For Round Eyes: Complete Guide (Updated 2020)

Although for many people round eyes seem to be one of the easiest ones to apply eyeliner on, in reality, it can be tricky. You can accidentally make your eyes even rounder or slightly downturned. Let’s discuss how to put eyeliner on round eyes correctly and how to change the round shape if there’s a wish for that.

How Does Round Eyes Look Like?

Round eyes basically, as the name says, are ROUND. You can spot it very easily. They seem to have a similar amount of space vertically and horizontally.

Round eyes can be very different: big, small, have a lot of lid space or not much lid space, have high outer corners. Usually, these are also factors when applying eyeliner to the eyes.

Round eyes

How Can You Change The Shape Of Round Eyes?

Round eyes are perfect when working with modifying their shape. You can easily lift them, elongate them, enhance the round shape, or even make them smaller.

Of course, a lot of it depends on how much moving lid space you have. If there’s a lot of it, it’s going to be easy to do any of these changes. If there’s not much lid space, it’s going to be a little bit harder to play with the round eye shape.

For any of these eye shape modifications, you can use eyeshadow, eyeliner or lashes. Each of them will have an impact on how your makeup will look.

Eyeliner For Round Eyes

Eyeliner can change or enhance your eye shape immediately. Whether you are using pencil eyeliner or liquid one – they all can do wonders.

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If you want to enhance your eyes, use liquid eyeliner (a gel or pen eyeliner works just as good) to line your top lash line with a very thin line, right from the inner corner moving outwards. It will define your lash line and make it look thicker.

If you will make the line thicker towards the middle of the lash line, it will create an appearance of even rounder eye and enhance its shape. But if you will make the line thicker towards the outer corner, it will create a bit of lifting effect for your round eyes.

katy perry eyes

If you desire to elongate the eyes, extend the outer part of the liner into a cat-eye. If the liner will go up towards the end of the brow, it will lift the eyes. The more out the liner will be extended, the more it will elongate the eye shape.

If you want to add even more elongation to your eyes, extend the liner into the inner corner. This step is being forgotten by many eyeliner lovers but it really does the work.

how to apply eyeliner on round eyes

To deepen the eye look and make the eyes more almond-shaped, you can use a pencil eyeliner on your waterline. Usually it makes the eyes a bit smaller, so its not recommended for very small eyes but if your eyes are big enough – try this step.

You can also use a pencil eyeliner to line your top or bottom lash line. Just don’t forget to blend it out a little bit after the application because pencil eyeliner usually doesn’t leave a very clean finish on itself.

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Eyeshadow For Round Eyes

Well, the same rules apply to the eyeshadow. Giving some definition to your crease will enhance the round eye shape unless you blend it out more towards the outer corner and brow bone.

Any dark eyeshadow can be used to define the lash line and make it look thicker. Darkening the outer V of the eye and extending the shadows outwards can also elongate your round eyes and lift them.

A bit of darker eyeshadow on your lower lash line can accentuate your round eye shape if you apply it all the way across. Keeping the shadow only in the lower outer corner helps with the lifting and elongating.

Highlighting the inner corner of the eye can also enhance the roundness of your eyes. If that is not your goal, try to add some liner in the inner corner when applying highlighting shade there, or keep the highlight color very minimal.

Round eyes

Eyelashes For Round Eyes

Depending on your natural eyelashes shape, applying mascara on them can make the eyes look either even more round, lifted, or slightly more down.

To lift your lashes, use an eyelash curler. This way your eyes will not be dragged down and will always create a lift. You can also use individual false eyelashes to lift the outer corners. Just add them specifically where they are missing, concentrating more on the outer corner of the eye.

False eyelashes can help you to not only make your eyes appear bigger but also to lift them or accentuate their round shape. False eyelashes that have a similar length all the way along will enhance the round shape. And falsies that become longer and more curled towards the outer corner will elongate and lift your eyes.

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In general, round eye shape is quite easy to work with. It gives freedom in changing the eye shape and enhancing it with makeup. Always experiment and within some time you will find the different techniques that work for you and your round eyes.

Good luck!

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