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“Beauty is not a question of gender, but of style.” These were the words of the founder of one of the most iconic and respected luxury brands in the world: Coco Channel. And while many are debating whether or not it is right for men to use makeup, this industry does not wait for anyone. Channel joined the makeup movement for men, and since 2019 all men can have their own Channel products, Boy Channel.

Unlike the past, today the use of makeup in men is notorious. And one of the great favorites is eyeliner. Why? How can men get good eyeliner? And what other secrets should they know? Here at Makeup Artist Pro, we’ll tell you how to rock this style.

Why Should Men Use Eyeliner?

The male eyeliner, also known as Guyliner is the perfect makeup item to frame and define your eyes. If you want to show off a piercing gaze, this is the perfect solution. Its finish is so good, that celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Johnny Depp, Jarel Letto, among others; cannot stop using it even on the red carpet. 

Pete Wentz, Image from Getty images

Which Eyeliner Should You Buy?

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are eyeliners exclusively for men. Channel is not the only luxury brand with makeup collections specifically for men. Other luxury brands like Givenchy and Tom Ford also have their own collections. But don’t worry, there are other more economical alternatives.

Similarly, a very important step before buying an Eyeliner is to choose the eyeliner style or effect you want to achieve. As men tend to have basic eyeliner, gel or pencil eyeliners are preferable, in black, blue, brown, and white. Another detail to highlight is that men tend to sweat more than women, so a water-resistant formula is essential. 

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Which Eyeliner Style Should You Wear?

Unlike women who use different styles of eyeliner, men use it with a more natural approach. It brings out the light in the eyes and accentuates the strengths of the face. The best thing for this style of makeup is to use a creamy pencil that covers the edges of the eyelids. 

If you want to brighten up your look don’t forget to use white eyeliner on the lower eyelid, or if you want a mysterious and appealing look, black is the best option. Another alternative preferred by men is the blurred style, popularized by Johnny Depp. This is generally achieved with black pencils, around the upper and lower eyelids. This is a very popular eyeliner style in Rock culture.

Jared Leto, Image from Getty images

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How to Apply Eyeliner?

It’s not much different from how you would do it in a woman. The only difference will always be in the man’s preferences, his skin type, and eye shape. This is also taken into consideration for women’s makeup. 

  • Use an eyeliner pencil: using eyeliner in pencil is the most common and simple way for men because it is easy to use. These are soft-tipped, very easy to handle, so making fine lines of an intense shade will be a breeze. Before applying it to your eye, make some lines in the palm of your hand, so you don’t hurt or scratch your eye.
  • Stretch out your lower eyelid: the easiest thing to do is to start lining up your lower eyelid, making sure the eyelid is tight. This way you will be able to make straight lines, without moving your eyelid by accident. Start applying it very close to the inner corner, without leaving empty spaces.
  • Pass the eyeliner along the edge of the lower eyelid: place the eyeliner just above the lower eyelid and make short, lineal strokes from the inner edge to the outside. Try not to overlap the lines and go over them a few times, until you achieve the desired thickness.
  • Proceed to delineate the upper eyelid: stretch your upper eyelid, placing your finger just on the outer edge of the upper eyelid. You must pull up and out and as in the lower edge. Then, you must apply the eyeliner from the inner side to the outer side. Take your time when applying eyeliner, as the upper eyelid is thinner than the lower eyelid, it is easier for the lower eyelid to slip off. 
  • Retouch the outer corner of the eye: after the previous steps, make small strokes that fill the space of the outer corner of the eye and join both lines. Do not fill in the space of the inner corner, as this is a very delicate area and can cause infection, as well as create black and sticky lakes.
  • Smooth out the lines: have a small, fine brush or a damp swab at hand. Use them to go over the lines of the eyeliner, and soften and blur the edges. If the lines are a little thicker than desired, you can use damp absorbent paper to clean the area or a swab with make-up remover. 
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Tips for the Perfect Eyeliner Finish

  • Always prepare your face before applying any kind of makeup. Clean your face with soap and water, preferably facial soap.
  • Apply around the eyes to moisturize the area and concealer under-eye circles to cover imperfections.
  • Make sure you are not allergic to the product. An allergy test you can easily do is to trace small lines on your wrist and wait to see if it causes a reaction.
  • Use eye make-up remover to remove your eyeliner. This product is made to remove makeup without damaging your skin. Do not overlook this detail.

These are the basic principles that every man should know if he wants to become an expert in the art of eyeliner. Of course, practice does the trick. So get in there and keep trying. Remember that a deep, sensual look is the delight of many women and men alike, so it doesn’t hurt to try.

In addition, while common practice indicates that it is women who use makeup to enhance beauty, there is no law prohibiting men from using it. So don’t be self-conscious and search for a style that you are comfortable with and that highlights your best features. Don’t fear using eyeliner, shadows, highlighter, or the product and style of your preference.  

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