Eyeliner Tricks and Tips for Hooded Eyes

Image Photographed by Mikael Jansson, for Vogue, December 2015

We all know that even the most simple makeup looks fabulous if you add eyeliner. It’s a product that can’t be missing from your makeup bag. It brings out your eyes and adds a touch of drama to your look. Although, it is a must for many looks, those with hooded eyes, in particular, find it difficult to wear eyeliner without highlighting their hooded eyelids instead of concealing them.
But how do you know if you have droopy eyelids? And, what is the best eyeliner technique to bring out your eyes without highlighting the hooded eyelid? Here at MakeUp Artist Pro, we’ll tell you.

How do You Know if You Have Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyelids are not a disease or flaw of any kind. It is simply a physical trait that some people share. It is a bit of extra skin in the eyelid. This extra skin covers the entire mobile eyelid, which gives you a tired look. What makes doing the makeup on this eyelid a challenge is that all the work you put into the shadows, the glitter, and the eyeliner is not visible when the eye is open.

Image from Pixabay

If you have hooded eyelids, you share this trait with many notable celebrities. These include Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, and others like them. So don’t panic! Celebs and their makeup artists have their tricks to conceal their hooded eyelids. We will show you some of their tricks below.

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Before Eye-Lining Your Eyes

Prepare Your Skin

  • Moisturise the skin around your eyes

The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive in your face. Therefore, you must treat and prepare the skin around your eyes and eyelids even more delicately than the rest of your face. You can help yourself with products specifically designed for that area. To apply any product in your eyelids with care, you can do it with your ring finger, since it is the one with the least strength. You will only need to apply a little bit of the product on your finger and pat the skin gently with the product until your skin absorbs it.

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We recommend Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream. It’s gentle with your eye, moisturizes and renews the look of skin throughout the day.

  • Use primer on your eyelid

After moisturizing all your skin and allowing it to absorb all the nutrients you just put on it, use a quality primer on your eyelid. This step is particularly important for those with hooded eyelids. The reason is that when you open your eyes, the eyeliner blurs or spreads on the upper eyelid. Using a good primer on your eyelid will allow your eyeliner to remain intact and last much longer.

We ADORE the EYESHADOW PRIMER POTION from Urban Decay. This an award-winning nude eyeshadow primer that will make your eye make up last 24 H.

Tips for the Best Eye-Lining for Hooded Eyes

Now that the skin of your eyelids is moisturized and ready for the makeup, we are ready to rock a wild cat-eye design. To ensure an eyeliner worthy of Ariana Grande’s famous cat-eye, follow the next tips we’re going to give you.

  • Choose a good eyeliner

You will find eyeliner in three presentations: pencil, gel, and liquid. How do you know which one is best for you? Besides the shape of your eyes, you will have to take into consideration other factors. For example, your experience using eyeliner and even the eyeliner design you plan to create. Each eyeliner has a different finish and is used with a different technique. Beginners feel more comfortable and have more control with pencil eyeliner. The more experienced ones and with a flawless pulse will have no problem using liquid eyeliner. It offers a dramatic, impeccable finish. Gel eyeliner, usually applied with a small brush, has an intermediate degree of difficulty. But it tends to fade more quickly.

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For the hooded eyes beauties, we recommend you to always buy water-proof eyeliner. This way, when your upper lid falls on your lower eyelid, your eyeliner will continue to look perfect and won’t fade at all.

For the pencil eyeliner, we recommend you EXAGGERATE auto eye definer by RIMMEL.

It is a waterproof pencil that is not exaggerated at all. You can make your eyeliner as thin as you want with its sharp point. The intensity of its colors will add drama to your look.

For the liquid eyeliner, we recommend you Roller Liner from Benefit.
Their Roller Liner eyeliner will frame your eyes beautifully. Their long-lasting formula is a huge plus for the hooded eyes warriors.

For the gel eyeliner option, we’ll recommend you Gel Eyeliner and Smudger from Nyx. It’s versatile and long-lasting. Perfect for the hooded eye’s beauties! Paired with an angled brush, you can draw the most captivating lines on your eyelids.

  • Apply eyeliner with your eyes open

This advice is worth gold. We can’t emphasize this enough. This step is particularly important for those with hooded eyelids. Outline your eyes with your eyes open. We all close our eyes to make sure we have the perfect line on our eyelids. However, when it comes to hooded eyes, this extra skin that falls on our eyeliner does not allow our eyeliner to be properly appreciated.
Doing the eyeliner with your eyes open will allow you to see how the eyeliner will look so you can make adjustments. Above all, this way you will know where to draw the lines that will make your eyeliner visible and flattering to the shape of your eyelid. It may sound complicated, but with a little practice, you will be able to look a “cat-eye” on your droopy eyelid without any problem.

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  • Deceive the eye

Visual tricks are the best ally for girls with hooded eyelids. Since the upper eyelid falls on the lower eyelid, the line of your eyeliner should create the illusion that you don’t have a droopy eyelid. Professional makeup artists have developed techniques that work and look fantastic with hooded eyelids.
It is an eyeliner that, when the eye is open, looks like a normal cat-eye. The surprise comes when you close your eyes, once the eye is closed, it is a unique design. Which makes it two looks in one. You can experiment with different designs and techniques until you come up with the ideal design for you. Professional makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes does it like this.

  • Create a false crease

This trick can require some dedication. To help you with this endeavor, you can use two methods to create a false crease. The first method is using only makeup. For instance, you can use a shadow palette of your choice or just eyeliner to do a cut crease makeup in your eyelid. It’s much more dramatic than a normal cat-eye, but it will certainly hide and practically disappear your hooded eyelids.

Image from Maybelline.com

You can also create a false crease using eyelid tape. In fact, this very simple product is widely used in Asia and is practical for people with monolids and hooded eyes. We like LIDS BY DESIGN by Countours Rx. Their product offers the best quality, as is hypoallergenic, latex-free, and made from medical and cosmetic grade materials. 

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