Eyeliner For Beginners, Which One Is The Best?

Learning how to do eyeliner can be exhausting. Choosing the right eyeliner for beginners to start with can save a lot of your energy. So, which eyeliner is the best for beginners?

Choose A Pen Eyeliner

Pen Eyeliner

Everything really depends on the look, you want to achieve. If your goal is defined and smooth line along the lashes or even cat-eye, choose the pen eyeliner. It usually is quite long, so it is easy and comfortable to hold. Also, the tip actually looks like a pen that many of us used to paint with in childhood, so working with it is kinda familiar.

You can create many different eyeliner looks with it and learn to do your everyday liner like a pro.

The downside of the pen eyeliners is that they tend to dry quite quickly, so you have to make sure to never leave them open.

Choose A Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliner

If you desire a smokey lash line effect, look for the creamy eye pencils, or even gel automatic pencils. They should glide on smoothly and blend easily.

Apply it along the lash line and smoke it out with the dense eyeshadow brush. If the pencil is creamy enough, you can use a flat eyeliner brush to make a defined line along the lashes, like with the pen eyeliner.

So, now you know which eyeliner is the best for beginners. Depending on their needs, any beginner can start doing their makeup with one of these liners. The most important is to always practice and improve your application skills. Hope it helped for some of you.

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Good luck!

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