Eyelash Extensions 101

It is a dream for many of us to wake up with long and black eyelashes. Well, these days we have a solution for that – eyelash extensions. 

What Is Eyelash Extensions?

Putting Eyelash extensions

To begin with, eyelash extensions are basically individual lashes (can be different lenght, thickness, curl) that are being glued with specific glue on your lashes, one by one.

Every fake eyelash holds onto your natural lash. Just like naturally our lashes fall and grow a new one, fake ones fall off with it too. So usually you need to get a refill every 2-5 weeks, depending on Your eyelashes strength.

The Price

Price varies from place to place. For example, in the US it is a lot more expensive, than in most of the countries in Europe. But it’s mostly connected with the average salary in the area and the professionalism of the eyelash extensions artist.

Choose A Professional Artist

Eyelash extensions

It is very important to choose a good and qualified artist. A bad one can do irreversible damage for your natural lashes. So, make sure you do good research and find some real reviews in addition.

About the damage. Yes, it is damaging. For many people, it happens either because of not professional artist, or weak natural eyelashes that could not handle the weight of the lash extension.

And this is exactly where eyelash extensions artist shows their quality. A good artist will recommend you suitable length, thickness, and curl of the lashes so that there would be a minimal amount of damage. 

Possible Allergies

Consider also, that you can have an allergy to the glue, especially if your eyes are sensitive. Feel free to ask for the name of the eyelash glue the artist is gonna be using before your actual visit and do research. Of course, if you’re not sure, what ingredients can cause an allergic reaction for you, this might not help.

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Maintaining The Eyelash Extensions

Putting The eyelash extensions

If you will succeed in getting the eyelash extensions, make sure you treat them well. Try to sleep on your back, so that overnight your eyelashes would not have to contact the pillow too much. Do not ‘play’ with the eyelashes for no reason, try not to put water on them for 2 days after the procedure and don’t brush them too often. Also, avoid oil-based products on them. This causes eyelashes to fall off faster. 

There is also eyelash extensions mascara if you will want to intensify the look sometimes, but remember – it also will cause them to fall off faster, because you will have to clean the lashes well after. 


All in all, eyelash extensions are comfortable to have on. It shortens the morning makeup routine and gives the ability to travel without thinking about eye makeup if perfect lashes are enough for you. Of course, it also has some cons you need to consider.

Hope, this article was helpful.

Good luck!

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