Eyebrow Shapes

There’s probably no other feature on the face that would frame it more than the eyebrows. They can not only change your face shape but also make you appear younger and your facial features look more balanced. There are many eyebrow shapes, but it is very important to find the one that suits your face the most. Not always it will be easy, and you might try a few different eyebrow shapes before you find that perfect one.

What Kind Of Eyebrow Shapes Exists?

There are so many eyebrow shapes, and it would be almost impossible to classify all of them. However, there are some key points when separating and understanding all the different forms of eyebrows.

Full Brows

These types of eyebrows are usually quite hairy and appear like quite an intense feature on the face. Basically, once you see someone with full eyebrows, you immediately notice their shape and fullness.

Full brows eyebrow shape
Full brows

This type of brows is lately considered to be the most stylish ones. This is why many women started to grow out their eyebrows in recent years and try to make them look as natural as possible. Full brows make the overall face appear more youthful since it is associated with young people who yet didn’t shape or pluck their brows. Also, full eyebrows look more natural and require less effort to fill them in.

Thin Brows

Remember the nineties? Yes, exactly. Thin eyebrows were a complete trend. It seemed like the more unnatural and thin the brow is, the better. Well, these days it is quite different. Some people’s faces just look better with thinner brows. If the face features are small and soft, thin eyebrows can be a great choice.

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Thin eyebrow shapes
Thin brows

Thin brows don’t necessarily mean fake-looking brows. They can also look natural. The most important thing is not to go too harsh with the product once you try to fill them in. No matter what the thickness of your eyebrows will be, the goal is to make them look balanced and suit your face.

Arched Brows

It is quite easy to spot someone with arched brows. This eyebrow shape is definitely eye-catching. The arch of the brow is positioned quite high and creates a more opened-eye look.

Arched eyebrow shapes
Arched brows

Some woman intentionally plucks their eyebrows to create a more arched look. It can appear seductive and attractive. For example, remember Marilyn Monroe, or Angelina Jolie as Lara Kroft? Exactly. This is the look they were going for.

Arched brows are usually suitable for those who want to make their face appear softer, the features look less angled. However, if you have a very soft face shape, an arched eyebrow shape can not be the way to go.

Straight Brows

Usually, straight eyebrows suit Asian eyes the most. If the eye is quite uplifted, straight brows balance the look out. Straight eyebrows can also be downturned. In this case, there might be a need to remove the hairs at the end of the brow, to make the eyes seem more uplifted.

Straight eyebrow shapes
Straight brows

Many women like to pluck their straight eyebrows and create an arch to them. This can be a great choice in some cases since straight brows not always compliment an individual’s features. The most important thing is to not over-pluck the arch. If you do that, the look might appear a lot less natural.

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Key Points When Choosing Eyebrow Shape

Make sure you stay close to your natural shape

When you’re choosing your brow shape, try to stick to something that is similar to your natural brow and its placement. Trends are not always a good choice since they are not made to suit every individual. Better try to enhance what you were born with. Also, your natural eyebrow shape is the one that should guide you when shaping your brows.

The eyebrows should be balanced

The size of your brows should be balanced with your whole face size and the size of the features. Too full brows can overpower a small face. Too thin brows can not frame your face enough. Also, sometimes too thin brows can make a rounder and fuller face appear even bigger.

Eyebrow shapes

If you have a short face, try a bit more arched eyebrow look. The same goes if you have the opposite – a long face. In this case, you shouldn’t reach for the arched or high set brow. It will only make your face look longer.

Choose a more straight and flat brow on a square face. This will balance out the square shape, so if you add in an arch to lift the brow, the face will look softer. If you have a quite round face, try giving your brows some arch. This will give your face a more oval look.

Choose the correct color

The color of the brows can make a huge difference. It not only can ruin the look and make the eyebrow shape appear unsuitable even when it is just the right one. It can also make your brows look overpowering. If you have dark hair, usually it is best to choose one or two shades of lighter color for your brows. If you have light hair, try to choose something that is one or two shades darker. Also, make sure that the color has the same undertone as your hair. For example, if the hair has a cool undertone, the eyebrow color should also have cool undertones to it.

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Balanced brows

Note that too dark brows can make mature women look older. Too light brows don’t shape the face enough. Ladies who had dark hair before, but are now grey, can lighten their brow color.

Find A Professional

Many of us have difficulties when shaping our brows. In this case, I suggest that you visit an eyebrow professional. They not only will choose the best shape for your face, but also will make it look neat and clean. Keep in mind that you have to find a good specialist, so make sure you read the reviews or listen to some great recommendations before booking your visit.


Although finding your perfect brow shape can be challenging, there are so many eyebrow shapes out there and surely you can figure out your one. Don’t hesitate to use some professional help and be prepared to fail a few times if you decide to do it yourself. The most important thing is to find something you’ll like on your face and feel comfortable with.

Good luck!

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