Bottom Lash Extensions

Top eyelash extensions are known all over the world already. Many of us have either tried them or still refill them every month. But the new trend of bottom lash extensions in the recent few years has just started to gain its popularity.

What Is Bottom Lash Extensions?

bottom extensions

Not many individuals know, that it is possible to get not only top but also bottom lash extensions. Basically, these are the same eyelash extensions that are being applied to the top lashes, just relatively shorter length. If your natural lashes are not exactly full, long and thick, you could actually consider getting bottom eyelash extensions. They might add a lot to your daily eye look.

How They Are Being Applied?

Basically, bottom eyelash extensions are applied in the same way as the top lash extensions. Fake eyelash with some adhesive on it is placed on your natural eyelash with the help of special tweezers, that eyelash artists use. After the application, you might definitely feel, that your bottom lashes not only look but also feel fuller and longer.

bottom eyelash extensions

Although the fake lashes should not touch your skin, it is still possible to feel the new sensation. Remember, it shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable to wear them.

In general, fake bottom lashes are a lot thinner, shorter and more natural-looking. Also, they are a lot less noticeable than the top lashes. If upper lash extensions are usually visible and dramatic, bottom eyelash extensions are the opposite. They are supposed to be almost unnoticeable.

Also, bottom eyelash extensions take less time to apply. On average it is from 15 to 30 minutes for the whole application. The reason behind it is that there is no need to have extensions on every eyelash. A lot of times between 10 to 15 is sufficient. If you have a top eyelash extensions appointment at the salon, you can easily ask your eyelash artist to include the bottom lashes application. This way you will not have to go twice for the same procedure.

Where Can You Get Bottom Lash Extensions?

You can get bottom eyelash extensions at the same salons that do upper lash ones. The technician should be trained to do both upper and lower lashes. However, you may need to search for a salon that offers the service in your area, as not all salons do lower lashes. 

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The reason behind it is that there is a lower demand for them and partly because it is a quite new service still. Especially compared to top lashes. Also, not a lot of women are aware that they can even get them. 

Since applying bottom eyelash extensions is more difficult than the top lash extensions, you need to look for a very good professional. The eyelash artist should have the practice and experience in this complicated procedure. The lash artist should know the right technique and should advise you in any occurred question. Make sure, that you trust your lash artist and his/her skills completely. This will be much more comfortable and safer for you.

Try asking in the salon you do your top lashes (if you get extensions) and see if a technician can do them for you or can recommend someone else who can do them. Take the time to look through their portfolio (or their social pages) to see if they have done them before and what they look like. There should be uploaded photos, but if there’s no just ask for some.

Benefits Of The Bottom Lash Extensions

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The effect that bottom lash extensions create is very different from what a mascara or an eyeliner could make for your bottom lashes. It looks just as defining, but a lot less intense and dark. Bottom lash extensions do not bring the eyes down and don’t create the ‘sad’ effect. There is also no risk of getting your eye makeup smudged because the false eyelashes have no pigment.

Bottom eyelashes open up the eyes, makes them look bigger and your face appear smaller, mainly because they add length. Also, if you have the top eyelash extensions it can balance the face out. It is especially helpful when you wear eye shadows or eyeliner with the top lashes because it creates even more dramatic eyelid area and bottom lash extensions successfully balance it out. Finally, by adding length, your bottom lashes help your face appear slimmer.

Who Can Receive The Extensions?

Almost all people can have bottom lash extensions, there is only a very small part of individuals, who cannot have them done. If your lashes are very short or sparse, bottom lashes will emphasize the deficiency, leading to not very impressive results.

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What Should You Be Looking For In Bottom Lash Extensions?

If your goal is not a very dramatic look, ask the eyelash artist to make your extensions look natural. Think about a few main rules: do not go too crazy with the length, don’t apply too many, make sure they are not too intensively black.

When you think about the bottom lashes, most of the individuals don’t have a lot of them. So, basically it is very easy to go too hard with the lashes and imbalance the whole face, especially the eye area.

Your goal is to make your eyes look more open, bigger and not creepy, like some spider-legs. The most important is balance and comfortableness.

putting Eyelashes

How Do I Maintain Bottom Lash Extensions?

Bottom eyelash extensions should be treated almost the same as the top eyelash extensions. Here are some tips for their maintenance:

  • Avoid water on the lashes as much as you can. It is very important. The adhesive is easier to affect with the wetness.
  • Rubbing your eyes is in general very bad, but if you have any sort of eyelash extensions, it is even worse. Rubbing pulls out the lashes faster than you might think.
  • Do not brush the lashes too often! Only remove any tangles or fix their placement, but don’t make brushing a habit. It irritates the lashes and they tend to fall off faster.
  • Be careful with your under-eye area. Any pulling or rough motion there can cause not only wrinkles but also eyelash extensions fall out. Be extra gentle when it comes to the under eyes.

How Much Do Bottom Lash Extensions Cost?

Just like the upper lashes, bottom eyelash extensions will vary in cost. It depends on location, technician skills, the style or number of lashes you desire and etc. Have in mind, that the longer the procedure is going to be, the more expensive it will cost you. 

Price varies from 30$ to 100$ or even 300$. This is something you should be aware of. Make sure to ask for the price prior to your visit.

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Depending on your financial situation, choose the price that is comfortable for you. Of course, a lower price doesn’t mean lower quality choice. You should still look for positive reviews of the eyelash artist and the photos of his/her work. Don’t hesitate to go somewhere further than your neighborhood area, if the quality of the work will be worth it. This might save your natural eyelashes from big damage.

Can You Wear Makeup on Bottom Lash Extensions?

Well, bottom eyelash extensions are made in order to eliminate the use of the makeup, especially on the bottom lashes. So, it is not recommended to use makeup. The reason for that is because the application and removal process can be damaging for the extensions. In case you need to wear it, make sure you apply it carefully, with no hard pressure. Products you wear should not be waterproof or contain oils – they also can make the eyelash extensions fall-off faster.

Probably the biggest enemy for bottom lash extensions is mascara. Its removal part is super damaging for the lashes, so it is best to avoid it. Other option would be to apply it very lightly. The formula should be thin, non-clumpy, with no oils. Also, it should be easily washable and have a soft, natural bristle brush. 

Take off your makeup very gently, avoid tugging, rubbing, scrubbing or pulling. Try to touch your lashes as less as possible. For cleansing, use a product with no oils, soak it into a cotton bud and pat your lashes and under-eye area. This should remove the product. You can brush your lashes softly after cleaning them.


All in all, bottom lash extensions are a great choice for those, who want something more extra in addition with their upper lash extensions. It will define the bottom lash line and make the lashes look thicker, longer. Make sure you have an open talk with the eyelash artist and then decide if you do want to have your bottom eyelashes done.

Good luck!

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