Is It Worth Buying The BeautyBlender?

Remember when some years ago first BeautyBlender was released? Yes. The hype was overwhelming. Now everything has settled down and only the true lovers of it use it. So, is it worth buying the BeautyBlender?

If anything before BeautyBlender was similar to it, its the makeup sponges. They were used mainly by makeup artists. Well, the BeautyBlender made this sponge material an everyday thing for many makeup lovers all around the world.

Why You Might Like BeautyBlender?

To begin with, it makes the blending work on the skin flawless. Especially with liquid makeup, since it gets almost ‘pushed’ into the skin, so it can look like your own one.

Furthermore, it works just amazing with loose powder. If you are a fan of baking makeup technique, you might just love it. BeautyBlender blends the powder into the skin, bringing the most natural possible result with baking. when you ask your self if is it worth buying beauty blender, you should read the cons and decide yourself.

What Are The Cons?

On the other hand, since the BeautyBlender is supposed to be used wet, it is quite possible to disturb the foundation with applying the powder, if the BeautyBlender is too wet.

You need to really know the amount of water you can use. For dry products application, it is even possible to use it with no water, just to make sure it does not affect the foundation.

There are also some types of foundations, that are hard to use with the BeautyBlender, so you should make sure, that your beloved foundation will work with it.

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Try to search for the videos on the internet, where your favorite foundation is being applied with the blender. If you can’t find any videos, ask a consultant in your local cosmetics store, maybe they can help you. In the end, you can just take the risk and try it yourself.

One of the biggest cons of the BeautyBlender is that it absorbs a lot of the product. Mostly liquids. BeautyBlender is designed to soak up the water, so on the top of it, it does soak up foundation also. This can be a big minus if you don’t like to repurchase your foundation very often. Important to mention is, that the water in the BeautyBlender mixes slightly with the foundation, so it also dilutes it a bit.


Only you can decide is it worth buying the BeautyBlender. These are just the main things you should have in mind before buying it. Hope it helped you to decide!

Good luck!

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